PanLbilt Fresh Water from Air Commercial Units with Solar Pack – 100% Off Grid Technology

Produce fresh drinking water bypassing municipal infrastructure that may contain lead and contaminants without disturbing existing sources of water

MUNDELEIN, ILLINOIS, USA, June 26, 2017 / — PanLbilt offers a bundled turn-key 100% Green Technology solution that generates fresh drinking water from the atmosphere. This process produces water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) standards. PanLbilt employs a 7-step filtration process that removes contaminants. There is no need to filter brackish water or use a desalination process.

Ideal Temperature ranges for production are 59 degrees F to 100 degrees F with Relative Humidity ranges between 35% and 90%.

Available units include:

*100 Liters/26.4 Gallons per day with solar pack provides fresh drinking water for a household of 5

*2000 Liters/528 Gallons per day with solar pack and optional Diesel Generator provides all water needs (toilet, shower, laundry, cooking, and drinking) for a household of 5

*10000 Liters/2641.7 Gallons per day with solar pack and optional Diesel Generator (provides a community water supply for vineyards, agriculture or multiple residences)

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Source: EIN Presswire