Diva Glammas; New Reality TV Show on Punch TV Helps Old Women Over 60 Find Sex

Punch TV is here with yet another breathtaking reality TV show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This time starring six grannies looking for sex.

When I first saw all of the Diva Glammas together I knew we had a hit show.”

— Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Studios

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award winning TV network, Punch TV, a division of Punch TV Studios, is proud to announce a new reality TV show coming soon that sheds light on the life of 6 Glammas (Glamorous Mothers), who are now Grandmas, and some who are Great Grandmothers titled "Diva Glammas”. This new hit reality show, produced by Punch TV Studios, gives viewers an insight as to how these ladies combine being mothers with adult children, and grandmothers with responsibilities, all while they live the lives they always dreamed of, partying, rocking the best outfits and above all hooking up with the hottest men in town.

Diva Glammas Preview Available On: Nabukie.com

Diva Glammas, stars Queen Turner, Diane Dotts, Rhonda Robinson, Carol Creekmore, Diana Puskas, and Elizabeth Camilo. The majority of these women used to be Soul Train Dancers in the early 70's and are now living life to its fullest; dating, traveling, cooking and staying young.

Queen Turner AKA Grand Diva came up with the idea for this wonderful TV series to restore confidence in older women who have adopted the general belief that life ends at 40 for a woman. She knew that she had to get her show to Punch TV Studios. In the process of enjoying her tenth marriage, Queen refuses to relent on having fun and living a highly unconventional life just because some grandmothers are more interested in walking their dogs than finding a man. She takes great pride in proving that sex doesn't end at 60.

“When I first saw all of the Diva Glammas together I knew we had a hit show,” Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins stated. “It's not often that you find a group of older women who are willing to be so open and honest about their lives, their experiences and especially their sex lives. For many seniors sex is a taboo topic, but not these ladies. They give you the real unadulterated truth based on decades upon decades of experience. Viewers are definitely going to want to tune in to Diva Glammas which is only available on Punch TV.”

Punch TV Studios investors are also excited about Diva Glammas. The new reality show is one of the first television shows produced during IPO 2.0. The new show also encourages supporters to purchase stock in the company as they continue to see growth and progress from Punch TV Studios with the launch on KILM in Southern California on August 1st and new television shows in production. For more information about Punch TV Studios and to purchase your stock at $1.00 per share visit their website at PunchTVStudios.com.

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