Doris Italian Market has announced they will be offering Christmas catering to those who sign up early

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Doris Italian Market Will be Offering Catering for the Christmas Holiday

Boca Raton, Florida: Doris Italian Market has announced they will be offering Christmas catering to those who sign up early. They have a variety of packages that will meet your family’s needs. The packages cover the entire meal from appetizer to dessert, with the option to add extra sides if you wish. The market also has a selection of specialty desserts to choose from. Doris Italian Market prides themselves on having high-quality meats and imported Italian goods at reasonable prices.

Catering a holiday event has yet to become a traditional trend among many Christmas dinner hosts. Though some families have set up a potluck type of meal, it is still believed to be a more stressful method of planning a large event dinner. The owners of Doris Italian Market believe that holidays should be focused on spending time with family, not preparing food. For those who are contemplating a catered meal this year, here are some things to consider:
● Price
○ Establishing a set amount to spend on food is easy when you aren’t the one hosting a meal. Christmas dinner hosts typically spend over $50 on ingredients for food alone. This doesn’t include drinks, serving dishes, or decor. Christmas dinner will be more expensive if more than ten people show up for the holiday gathering.
● Time Management
○ The fall and winter holidays are a busy time for everyone. Prepare to plan the meal, table settings and decor, a drink menu, and a shopping list. It is recommended that dinner hosts begin planning at least two weeks ahead for a successful meal.
● Decorating
○ Planning and preparing a meal for many people can be stressful. Adding the decorating aspect into your meal preparation can be even more stressful. You may already have your tree and mantle taken care of, but what about your table? Many hosts enjoy having a beautifully decorated table for Christmas dinner. This task takes extra time that must be considered during planning.
● Enjoyment
○ Will you enjoy preparing a holiday meal, or is it something you feel obligated to undertake? Christmas is a holiday meant to be spent with loved ones. Do you believe that you will be able to spend enough time with your family while also managing a meal? Will you be cleaning up while the little ones are opening gifts? For some, providing food for others brings them happiness and satisfaction, while others see it as a necessary chore. Decide which category you fall under before making your Christmas meal plans.
● Space
○ Do you have the room to prepare the meal, keep all dishes heated, and deal with cleanup? Catering gives you some leeway with space because the food is already prepared in disposable containers. This eliminates cooking space and a large amount of the cleanup. Plus, many catering companies offer disposable warmers to place under the food.

Catering a holiday event may be the right decision for you if you aren’t sure you want to undertake the meal prep alone. Large catering packages include everything from appetizers to dessert. This way you are free to create a beautiful table and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

About Doris Italian Market: Doris Italian Market has packages for Christmas dinner that will meet the needs of your family’s size and preferences. They have been in business since 1947 and specialize in meats and imported Italian goods. They also have lunch options available if you want to give them a try before scheduling catering. Doris Italian Market has five locations in South Florida, and offer online catering orders, a specialty bakery, and an online shop. Additionally, they have a page of recipes and a blog to help their customers make their own delicious fare. To view packages and schedule your Christmas catering, visit their website or call one of their local area locations.

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