Kim Habibi Prepares To Teach Basic Cooking Class For Community

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / — Kim Habibi has been lucky enough to learn a lot about cooking over the years. From learning on the fly and watching plenty of chefs who hold respect in the industry, Habibi feels comfortable to teach a class to beginners about cooking.

To teach a cooking class, one must have a real understanding of the fundamentals of cooking. That is why Habibi plans first to introduce each attendee the basics of preparing exquisite meals.

"The basics of the class will include the types of pans they will use, certain utensils in the kitchen, and detailed explanations of various cooking techniques," says Habibi. "While many think these are simple subjects of cooking, lots of people do not know their way around the kitchen."

Another essential aspect of Habibi's course will become understanding of the safety rules. These rules include appliance safety and knife safety.

"Before they can make a nice meal and wow friends and family, everyone must know how to use these items safety," says Habibi. "Many are intimidated of the kitchen, but once you understand the basics, it can become a welcoming place."

Habibi plans to start small with the class. Throwing students into preparing an elaborate five-course meal does not teach them anything. Habibi wants to start with small dishes with limited ingredients. For example, when teaching American cooking, Habibi intends to show students to learn how to make cook fried eggs and bacon.

"Starting small lets the students gain confidence with their cooking skills," Habibi says. "Plus, these small dishes come in handy when they prepare bigger meals. The skills to prepare certain foods can become included in the more difficult meals."

New attendees should not worry about rushing to learn new skills in the kitchen. Habibi's class intends to be broken up into multiple sessions. This structure allows students to learn on their own as well.

Habibi wants every one of the students to take the skills home and use them to their advantage. Not only can learning to cook correctly impress family and friends, but it can also save money in the long run.

"People go out to eat more times than not because they cannot cook themselves," adds Habibi. "These people would save a lot of money preparing the same dish at home rather than going to a restaurant throughout the week."

Numerous studies show that cooking at home can save one person thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Plus, dishes are more likely to taste better and come at a lower price.

Another deterrent when it comes to people not wanting to cook at home is time. Many people lack time to prepare meals during the busy work week. Habibi explains there are plenty of ways to get around this myth.

"One can prepare during an evening on the weekend by preparing certain meals and freezing them for future dates," says Habibi. "The person can take the meal out of the freeze and warm it up and have a meal ready in minutes."

Habibi showed excitement in starting the class when she is ready to announce dates. The local community center kitchen will be home base for Habibi and the courses.

Also, she promises that each attendee will become comfortable in the kitchen and be able to prepare individual meals. From there, attendees can learn on their own or sign up for Habibi's planned advanced cooking class.

"It does not stop with the beginners class," concludes Habibi. "Once a person learns the basics, they can advance further into the cooking stages. Learning exquisite meals can be tasty and save people tons of money in the long run."

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Source: EIN Presswire