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EezyBee’s goal is to offer an all-inclusive opportunity for individuals to generate more income and become closer with their communities

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 7, 2018 / — Retirement seems to be a fleeting privilege of past and future generations according to recent reports. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides concrete evidence to suggest the notion of fleeting retirement for future generations, they expect the trend of late-age retirement to continue upward throughout the years. The last quarter of 2017 reported 32% of Americans (ages 65-69) continuing their stay in the workforce, with projections of up to a 4% increase by the year 2024. This trend shows an 11% increase since 1994 with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

The cause of fleeting retirement varies, however, many of the reasons involve longer life spans, loss of benefit pension plans, loss of social security benefits, and the absence of traditional ways of generating income. Retirement costs are on the rise while Americans continue to lose their financial cushions for their much-deserved time off.

“It’s scary. My husband was no longer fit for the type of work he was doing, and there was no way I could support us on my own” explained Maria Avalos, 63-year old wife and mother of two. “My daughters are out of state off with their own families… it was just me. I have to say, not knowing where your next paycheck will be coming from…there’s nothing quite like that feeling. I don’t ever want to feel that again”.

“I’m just thankful we were able to find a way to work through the hard times. We’re doing pretty alright for ourselves, now!” Maria went on to say about a newly launched platform called ‘EezyBee’.

EezyBee is a community-driven online marketplace, a tool used to connect service providers with local service seekers. The platform offers new and all-inclusive opportunities for individuals, including retirees, to sign up free of charge to provide any services they are capable of fulfilling.

“I’m signed up as a caretaker. I was hired by a family I’ve been working with for the past three months. They have two daughters, just like me, and I have a lot of experience in this field”, Maria said jokingly. “So I figured why not give it a shot? They gave me wonderful reviews for the work I’ve been doing with their family, and it’s been helping me work with others ever since. My husband has even joined. He’s helping me with the cooking. We were thinking of retirement, but it already feels like we’re there”.

The platform has been drawing attention by allowing individuals to launch their own businesses with little cost or risk involved. By offering tools to post services, get hired, manage services, and receive payment, EezyBee claims to be the one-stop hub for launching a personal business or receiving excellent service within the local community.

Maria has successfully established a new career in her early 60’s, and is supportive of EezyBee and its efforts toward creating happier and healthier communities. “I’m not so good with computers, but lucky for me it’s easy enough to use. I’m so happy to be on there (EezyBee), spending time with good people and doing something worthwhile.”, she stated.

The platform is aiming its early efforts toward reaching more individuals who are in financial straits, and to give them a sense of accomplishment for the role they are fulfilling for their society. With this goal in mind, EezyBee has the potential to create a long-lasting positive impression on self-employment and community-based efforts.

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EezyBee is a community driven online service marketplace, a tool used to connect local service providers with local service seekers. The platform was created to present untapped opportunities for service providers to offer their hobbies, skills, or special talents as services and receive payment. The platform was also created to provide service seekers with seamless, trustworthy, affordable, accessible, and reliable access to services in their area. The goal is to allow our users to create more time for the more important things in life. We aim to support our target market, or anyone who is seeking to improve their financial situation. With this in mind, we also champion the notion of community-based health and encourage our users to get to know those around them for stronger social bonds and healthier lifestyles.

We extend a welcoming offer to our users to start their own business cost-free, risk-free, and on a low-commitment basis.

The live platform allows users to post their services, hire service providers, schedule and manage ongoing services, send/receive payment for all completed services, and incorporates many other exclusive features. We’ve created a mobile version to allow our users to manage their services on the go for a more streamlined experience as well. We encourage anyone who seeks a better financial future or anyone who requires service to join our platform and receive the benefits EezyBee has to offer.

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