Eco-Cuisine® launches Sustainable Hybrid Flexitarian® Proteins Combining Plant Based Vegan and Meat Proteins

Eco-Cuisine’s Gr. Beef used to make a plant-based or meat based meat loaf

This is a take-off on the Shepherd’s Pie Using Gr. Beef with Beans

New Hybrid Protein Integrates the Best of Both Plant-Based and Meat to Create a Delicious, Healthy, and Affordable Protein for Food Service and Retail Accounts

BOULDER, CO, USA, April 30, 2018 / — Chef Ron Pickarski of Eco-Cuisine has developed a sustainable hybrid protein integrating the finest characteristics of plants and meat into one product that delivers on taste, nutrition, and cost. By creating a unique protein made up of 35-40% meat and 60-65% plant-based protein, Eco-Cuisine has tapped into the future of meat consumption.

 Can be used to replicate any recipe that contains ground beef, chicken, or pork
 Hybrid proteins are a fusion of two proteins with one being meat based and the second one plant
based. No fillers in the meat protein
 No shrinkage or reduction in yield in the cooking process
 The plant protein absorbs the meat flavor and texture in the cooking process
 Unlike cooked meat, Eco-Cuisine’s Hybrid Protein can be re-hydrated to maintain a superior texture if
 When compared to a meat product the hybrid protein contains approximately the same amount or more
protein, contains more dietary fiber then meat, and less cholesterol
 Chefs have the option to set the fat percentage and type of fat used
 Chefs and retail consumers can save up to 15% on meat cost
 Easy to use for professionals and home cooks – minimum time and skill required

Eco-Cuisine’s blended meat Flexitarian® proteins function similar to a hybrid car that operates on two sources of energy. Hybrid proteins function on two different protein sources giving the consumer the benefit of consuming a protein that is good for the health of the individual, the planet, and their food cost.

 Eco-Cuisine developed a line of speed scratch vegan plant-based protein mixes (Ground Beef, Sausage,
and Chicken) that have the taste and texture of real meat
 Eco-Cuisine’s proteins are plant-based with no animal ingredients
 The products were designed to function either independently as vegan proteins or combined with meat
to create hybrid proteins
 The proteins have the taste and texture of ground meat through the use of unique plant-based
 The proteins contain natural protein binders similar to collagen in meat which hold and reabsorb
 Eco-Cuisine’s proteins can substitute for meat in any recipe or menu item, reducing both inventory
and special food preparation time to create a plant-based option.
 Chefs and consumers can save up to 50% versus purchasing a frozen product (i.e. frozen veggie

LUX, an International Marketing and research firm, doing market research on the human consumption of protein projects that 'Alternative Proteins to Claim a Third of the Market by 2054". Using Plant proteins in combination with animal proteins gives plant proteins another innovative role in developing a new generation of sustainable proteins to reduce meat consumption while continuing to consume meat.

Chef Pickarski is a certified meat cutter, culinologist, book author, and seven time International Culinary Olympic Medalist with plant-based vegetarian cuisine. He became a plant-based vegetarian for health reasons 42 years ago, and at age 69 is reaping the benefits of his decision. As omnivores, meat should be a small percentage of our protein intake. Chef Pickarski created the Flexitarian® hybrid meat concept to help those seeking healthy meat options to achieve that balance.

Eco-Cuisine® was founded in 1992 as the first plant-based food service focused brand in the United State specializing in speed-scratch plant-based proteins and pastries. Its products are vegan with dairy, egg, and meat options enabling the chef to develop vegan and Flexitarian® menus with one product. Products are available through food service distributors and on line to both food service and retail consumers.

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Source: EIN Presswire