Small Business Challenges Established Meal Delivery Service

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What a Crock Meals to go™ is targeting entrenched meal delivery service providers like Blue Apron, LLC and Hello fresh™. This small startup has big ambitions!

Our idea to make home cooked dinners easier, started in our home kitchen and has grown into a business with 4 retail locations, and now we are shipping product to the entire country!”

— Brieanna West, Founder


What a Crock Meals to go™ announces that they are targeting the entrenched meal delivery service providers like Blue Apron, LLC and Hello Fresh™. This small startup has big ambitions. Using personal funds for capital, this 5-year-old business which started in a home is poised to take on the industry leaders in delivering high-quality foods to people that have limited time or that just do not want to cook after a long day at work.

What a Crock Meals to go™ which started as a mom-and-pop business now delivers anywhere in the United States. Shipping and packaging contracts are in place so that no matter where you are in the country you can receive high-quality crockpot meals designed to be nutritious and make your life easier.

What a Crock Meals to go™ provides their customers with not only delicious, healthy foods but meals that taste great. Using an entirely different business model What A Crock Meals To Go has made it even easier to get home and sit down to eat a great meal.

Extensive testing of competing products found that What a Crock delivers relief from five major consumer concerns which hamper most meal delivery service, providers.

(1) The meals ship refrigerated and then must be prepared and cooked within seven days.

(2) The dishes require a lengthy prep time in most cases exceeding a half an hour.

(3) After setting aside time to prepare the meals, consumers are faced with an extensive cleanup of the pots, pans and other tools and measuring devices used to prepare and cook the various ingredients.

(4) Missing a step and or a certain ingredient can take a dish that had promise and turn it into something that was barely OK.

(5) There is little flexibility in what the meal delivery service companies offer with their menu variety and time between orders. People complained that food waste and spoilage is a major issue with many brands.

What a Crock took notice and alleviated these problems with innovative meal design. In a recent consumer survey conducted What a Crock easily outperformed the competition.

Being responsive to the consumer needs, What a Crock solved consumer concerns.

* You pick your meals they are not selected for you

* You have the option of placing a one-time order and are not forced into a subscription

* Meals are prepared fresh then vacuum sealed and shipped frozen allowing you
to enjoy the meals on your schedule

* No complicated instructions and you do not have to prepare or follow detailed step-by-step instructions.

* The meals are ready when you are ready

* Cleanup is a breeze since there are not a lot of pots and pans and other cooking utensils

* Simply place a meal in the slow cooker in the morning and enjoy a chef-crafted meal that evening

* Generally, the food costs much less than the competition with much larger portions

Company history:

Brieanna West and her husband Justin started cooking crockpot meals themselves to fit their busy life and schedule. Once a week they would prepare meals for the upcoming week. Brieanna was pregnant, and Justin was working until 9 and 10 o’clock every night.

After their first child was born their friends and family saw how the two were preparing their weekly meals and they started to ask them if they would prepare meals for them. This marked the birth of the business.

The two business partners believed in themselves, and they took all of the savings that they had and invested it into the business. They rented a small kitchen nearby and then they started advertising on social media. The whole process was daunting to the young couple, but they moved forward. Soon this idea turned into a real business, and they started getting repeat customers.

In March 2014, the business took its next major step in purchasing a building of their own. They designed the kitchen to be very efficient and work well with their manufacturing process. Since the humble start working from their home, the business has since grown to four retail locations three of which are located within successful well-established Pennsylvania farmers markets.

The original business plan was for retail to be a small portion of the company’s revenues. The real goal was to turn this into an and Internet-based online powerhouse serving people that want high quality, foods that they can serve their families with little or no preparation involvement or time.

Today the business ships the high quality easy to make and serve crockpot dishes nationally. Most of the advertising is conducted locally the social media is a major focus and driver of the business.

In 2017 the local press provided the business with an unexpected advertising boost. 6 ABC, the predominant news station in the Philadelphia market, created an extremely positive story about the virtues of the What a Crock Meals to go™ products’ and service. Shortly after that Philadelphia Magazine, The Daily Times, Best of Philly, Philly Food Magazine and other media outlets and publishers carried the story about What a Crock’s products. It was a boost that helped the company to go national.

Locally many people visit the retail locations and pick up all the food they need for the following week. Nationally, free shipping has helped the company prosper throughout the United States. The company now has subscription services in addition to its standard shipping option where your meals literally show up, and all you must do is put them away until you’re ready to use them.

A loyal and dedicated consumer base has helped the company to thrive allowing it to offer delivery to anywhere in the United States while continuing to expand the menu.

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