The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off – New TV Series launches this November 2018

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

Amateur Cooks from Across Canada compete for the title of top Healthy Canadian Chef

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The link between Paris and Montreal from a food perspective….

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off is a 2 part competition featuring amateur Canadian cooks who compete to create uniquely Canadian dishes.

Canada continues to lead the way in health and wellness. This new TV show is just a platform to showcase Canadian talent when it comes to making amazing healthy meals by amateur Canadian cooks.”

— Tammy-Lynn McNabb, creator of The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 29, 2018 / — Get ready Canada, healthy cooking is taking a whole new twist. The producers of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV are calling on amateur cooks who love to eat healthily and believe that they can create two dishes that not only taste fantastic but are healthy too.

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off features Canadian cooks who use several Canadian specific ingredients to create an entrée and dessert or cocktail that will knock the socks off of a celebrity panel of judges. Created and led by TV host and Producer, Tammy-Lynn McNabb, this new series will show Canadian viewers that healthy eating, inspired by Canadian ingredients, only requires a little imagination and the love of cooking in the kitchen.

"We are excited to showcase Canadian ingredients that we either take for granted or didn't even realize that they are in fact a Canadian element in cooking.", says Tammy-Lynn McNabb. "Eating healthy has become a way of life for many Canadians and we are leading the way in being a positive example of what to do and not to do", says McNabb. The response for not only contestant applications has been positive but companies wanting to showcase their product as an ingredient for the contestants to use. She adds, "We could have gone the route of typically Canadian ingredients, but are looking at showcasing companies that aren't as typical as their counterpart. One example is Birch Syrup. We love that The Canadian Birch Company wants to share the gem of Manitoba with our Canadian and overseas viewers."

The series is brought to you by Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil with roots in the Saskatchewan Farming industry and will take place over November and December. Subsequent seasons will run in 2019.

Are you an amateur chef, nutritionist or health professional with a love of cooking healthy food? Then why not compete in THE HEALTHY CANADIAN COOK OFF? Go online to and click on the CONTEST link for more details.

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Healthy Canadian Cook-Off Commercial

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