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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 24, 2018 / — Remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting task, and a lot of people may not even know where to begin. Before starting, you should always do your research, talk to friends who have had their kitchen renovated, or read some online blogs and articles. They can help you get your bearings for what’s about to come. It is important to keep in mind that remodeling your kitchen is an expensive undertaking, so you must make sure that you’re going to love the outcome.

When it comes to the design of your new kitchen, you should review upcoming trends, and look for newer styles and ideas that you like. If you base your new kitchen off old models that you like, you may inadvertently devalue the renovation by going with a dated style. This will take away any additional value that a renovation adds to your house as any new home owner may feel they already need to redo the kitchen. Focus on newer styles and up-and-coming trends that you like to maximize your investment.

So what trends should be paying attention to, and what are going to be the hottest kitchen style for 2019? We’ve listed out top picks below for you.

Say Bye to Granite
Granite counter tops have been a staple of high-end kitchens since the 90’s. Their popularity has been dwindling over the past few years in lieu of other choices, like quartz and polished concrete.

White Kitchens are Out
There is a classy appeal to a clean, white kitchen, but it can also look cold. People are trending towards warmer looks and turning away from white.

Moodier Tones
As people move away from bright white kitchens, earthier tones are becoming more popular. These can provide a much richer look that is more sophisticated.

Matte Finishes
The smooth, slick look of a matte finish has been picking up over past few years and will continue to be a trend into 2019. Matte cabinetry and appliances are attractive, and ultimately easier to maintain.

Kitchens with Darker Tones
Along with the moodier tone trend, we’re seeing more high-end kitchen renovations being done with darker base colours coupled with earthy undertones. This provides a finish that is a bit harder to pull off but looks elegant when done right.

Spanish Tile Finishes
Again, fitting in with the earthier undertones, the resurgence of Spanish tiles comes back in as people move away from clod, white looks to more colourful and vibrant designs. Spanish and Moroccan tiles have been coming back in a big way and provide intricate patterns and can really make your backsplash pop.

Push for Hygge
The cozy Danish concept of Hygge has been catching on and is creating a new inspired kitchen design. People want a kitchen that is a place to relax and enjoy company and cooking.

Minimalist Design
Decluttered, clean, and organized should always be in style. Removing molding and heavy finishes and using clean lines can give a more contemporary look that is style.

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Gift Ideas for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County, the Main Line and Delaware County.

Serving Montgomery County, the Main Line and Delaware County.

Finding a gift for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is not always easy.

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia does not have to be difficult.”

— Ian Bongaardt, Owner of CK of Montgomery County & the Main Line

SPRINGFIELD, PA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2018 / — +

Finding a gift for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is not always easy. Fortunately, there are Alzheimer’s gift guides and products that can help make your search stress-free this holiday season. These guides will give you the information you need to purchase a great gift.

Learn more from these gift ideas below for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Gift Ideas for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia does not have to be difficult.

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends that you first consider what stage of the disease your loved one is in when shopping for a gift for them. As you will see, the choice in gifts for an early stage will be different from ones that are for the late stage of the disease. Thus, the choice of gift depends on the cognitive abilities of your loved one.

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, for instance, a gift may not be very different from what you’d give your loved one before their diagnosis. There is some memory loss, but it will not detract from the thoughtfulness of your gift. In later stages of the disease, however, sensory stimulating gifts become more important, because the stimulus could bring back some of your loved one’s memories. At this point, your older adult will not be able to recall his or her phone number or even family members names. Since there is a loss communication, you may think this would make it harder to find a great gift. That’s not the case. You can get your elderly parent a blanket, sweater or a picture book. It is easy to make a picture book of your own family photos or you can make one from a collection of photos you gathered from your loved one’s own photo albums.

Here are some gift ideas for Alzheimer’s by stage that you can use when searching for a gift for a loved one this holiday season:

Early Stage Gifts:

Activity books, like crossword puzzles or strategy games. Large piece puzzles will make it easier for assembly. A jigsaw puzzle of a nostalgic scene (e.g. a malt shop) also makes the perfect gift. It will stir up memories, in which you can encourage your loved one to talk about.

Classic movies and television shows than can stimulate your loved one. You can compare your loved one’s favorite movies and television shows with the ones you like. This is a great conversation starter!

CD’s and music that allow your loved one to reminisce and/or a music player.

A memorable photo album or calendar that features special family occasions and family photos. The calendar should be large print, so your older adult can easily tell the day of the week as well as keep track of important dates.
A memory phone that can store photos with the contact information and names of your loved one’s family and friends. It can be dial-less or contain large images as the buttons. The buttons represent family members’ phone numbers as well as ones for fire and police.

You can create a themed gift basket that contains one or more of the above items. An “activity book” basket could contain crossword puzzles, word searches and coloring books along with colored pencils and pens. Another great gift basket theme is “bath and spa day.” It can contain a robe, slippers, bath gel, a battery-operated candle, and scented soap.

Middle Stage Gifts:

Erasable whiteboards that highlight key rooms or areas in your loved one’s home. They are also great for leaving messages and holiday greetings.

A large typed clock that highlights both the date and time. You can get a day clock in various sizes and styles.

Automatic nightlights that will light for your loved one as soon as it gets dark.

An automatic medication dispenser. This will prevent an additional dosage or medication from being dropped and lost.
Simple craft activities that inspire reminiscing. These gifts can include building a birdhouse, a wind chime or an apron. They provide a creative outlet while strengthening coordination skills.

A location device that can track your loved one for when he or she becomes disoriented and wanders. Wandering is a serious concern for dementia patients at this stage. As part of your dementia care, you will need to install extra locks on the front and back doors of your home as safety measures.

Late Stage Gifts:

In the later stages of dementia, sensory stimulating gifts can include:

A fluffy bathrobe or a soft blanket in a favorite color.

Comfortable clothes like sweat suits and shoes with Velcro ties that can make dressing and undressing easier on a loved one. You can also get slippers with velcro ties.

A doll or stuffed animal. They have a calming effect on dementia patients.

Music and CD’s that feature songs from your loved one’s childhood or teenage years.

A fiddle muff, which is a pocket or glove that has items on the inside of it a person can fiddle with. Giving Alzheimer disease patients something to fiddle with has a calming effect on them, just like holding (or petting) a stuffed animal. This sensory stimulation product comes in many colors and sizes.

Many of these holiday gifts can be found in nursing homes that have an Alzheimer’s unit (a floor). On the unit, there are several stations that represent happy memories or life stages for Alzheimer’s patients. One station is of a baby changing table with a lifelike baby doll. This represents when the patient was a new parent. There’s a station with a jukebox containing music from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s. This is the time period most dementia patients remember the most. There’s also a cooking station with cooking tools and cookbooks. These items bring back memories of cooking, especially a mother cooking for her family or making holiday cookies.

If you still need more information on practical gifts for your loved one, the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada has a list of stores that carry fun dementia gifts. You’ll find a number of great products for every budget, from a large piece jigsaw puzzle and easy-grip gardening tools to weighted stuffed animals and matching games. Whether you are thinking of a photo album or a soft blanket, you’re sure to find a wonderful gift.

Caring for Seniors in Delaware County
Whether it’s Christmas or Fourth of July, our Comfort Keepers are here to provide the care home plan you need for your loved one. We offer a full range of services from dementia and Alzheimer’s to transitioning and interactive caregiving. We are happy to answer your questions regarding care for your loved one during the holidays (e.g. Christmas day) or the best gifts that match your elderly parent’s cognitive skills. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home assessment!

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An Interview with Santuari Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Brendan Mica

Santuari Restaurant’s Executive Chef Brendan Mica

An in-depth look at the life of the Toluca Lake restaurant’s talented executive chef.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2018 / — Q: Hello Brendan, it’s a pleasure to speak with you today. Mind telling me where were you born?
A: Not at all. I was born in Southern California. Culver City.

Q: So, when did you first become interested in the art of cooking?
A: It stemmed from my interest in eating, actually. I also travelled a lot as a child and got to try out many different types of foods. My father worked for an airline, so I travelled internationally quite a bit.

Q: Where did you begin your cooking journey?
A: I originally cooked for my family and did some bartending until I was 20, and then I went to the California School of Culinary Arts.

Q: While you were there, was there a specific type of cooking that fascinated you?
A: I just wanted an overall education in the art of cooking, and to learn as much as I could.

Q: What was the most surprising part of learning formal cooking for you?
A: I learned that less-processed food actually takes more work and discipline. I was very surprised to hear that.

Q: With the pressure of running a large kitchen, it can be possible to let things slip every once in a while. How do you stay concerned about quality?
A: Maintaining quality has always been my priority as a chef, no matter the circumstances. It’s something I’ve always carefully worked on in my career.

Q: After school, where did you go next? What was the next step in progressing your career?
A: While I was going to school, I actually did some cooking at the Lowe’s in Beverly Hills. That way I could get on-the-job experience while still being in class.

Q: I’m seeing that you were in Spain for a while. What did you do there?
A: I was a private chef for a Sony executive, who is actually a family friend. I was there for 6 months, during which I cooked private meals and catered.

Q: How did you ultimately end up at your current job?
A: After Spain I went to Germany, where I worked at a French-German restaurant. I came back to the United States and opened up my own restaurant in California. It started out great, but then it got an identity crisis because it didn’t know if it wanted to be a night club or restaurant.

Q: That does sound unfortunate, but it’s great to see that things are going great for you now. Did any mentors help you along the way? How important is a mentor in becoming a great chef?
A: Extremely important. They are the people that keep you driving and grounded. They constantly push you. It’s one of the few reasons you work harder all the time, not because you want to impress them, but because it gives you something to strive towards.

Q: Finally, what is it you hope to achieve in your current work?
A: I feel like this is the first time I’ve been able to do my type of cuisine, my type of menu. I’ve always accommodated a type of cuisine, but now I can choose the food I want for the space. I’m excited to work at the Santuari Restaurant, and I only see good things coming to this venue in the near future.

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Christmas – the ultimate wish list for an E-marketplace By Jordan Graison, Head of Sales, Limonetik

Jordan Graison Head of Sales

Jordan Graison Head of Sales

The holiday season is here, but there’s still time to write a letter to Santa. Now, what do you think an e-marketplace would want for Christmas?

Beyond financial investment, patience is what helps a marketplace to develop”

— Jordan Graison

PARIS , ILE DE FRANCE , FRANCE , December 19, 2018 / — 1. Patience and flexibility

Launching a marketplace is a long-term affair. Once you start there is no going back. A marketplace requires human, material and financial investment. Its digital platform must be well thought out and have long-term value. When launching its brand, a business needs a dedicated team to make the brand viable and sustainable.

Patience is the mother of all virtues. Beyond financial investment, patience is what helps a marketplace to develop; it calls for fundamental changes in terms of business model, marketing, investment in logistics, and cash management.
Creating and deploying a marketplace affects all aspects of a business. Employees require a structure in which they can adapt to this new type of organisation.

A marketplace requires time, not to mention capital and human resources. The investment is potentially huge depending on the complexity of its platform and its position in the market. It takes resilience to become the perfect marketplace.

2. Building a creative and viable business model

A marketplace is born in one of two ways: either it is created with a strong business model, offering its know-how and expertise in time-to-market and technology. This type of marketplace would not sell any products or services under its own brand. The other type of e-marketplace graduates from being an e-merchant to a business that offers a greater choice of products through third-party sellers.

The goal of a marketplace is to be a sort of Ali Baba's cave where customers can find the products and services they seek – or simply discover. The importance of sellers should never be underestimated: They help the e-marketplace enrich its original offering by adding to its catalogue. We may ask the question: is it better to offer value-added services or a richer catalogue? Supplier-oriented marketplaces that attract third-party sellers are desperately seeking buyers, and to attract customers they need a large choice of goods from a variety of sellers.

A marketplace has a more promising future when its primary activity has been clearly defined and its customers are loyal. The “pure player”, however, earns money only as a middleman who needs to attract its prime sellers (e.g. by offering a discounted referral fee). If the goal is to motivate sellers to operate through its platform, the marketplace must be careful to spread its revenue volume in order not to depend solely on a few vendors. E-marketplaces can make the best possible sales offer by gaining a good understanding of the sellers’ business model and work methods.

On the consumer side, a marketplace has to be inventive by renewing its commercial offer and forever surprising its buyers. Airbnb is a perfect example. This marketplace boasts not only rentals but also other services like classes in flamenco dancing or paella cooking classes in Barcelona. Uber now proposes meal delivery.

3. An unforgettable customer experience

The look and feel of its website interface, the ease of browsing, quick response time, rich features and the latest apps all contribute to making the customer experience unique. The catalogue aside, buyers are focused on the total quality of service provided by the marketplace. This means keeping a customer in the same online purchasing environment from the moment he or she saves an item in the shopping basket up until the time of purchase. Customers don’t want to feel cheated. One-stop shopping must be a reassuring, unforgettable, quality experience.

A marketplace must consider all conceivable purchasing scenarios and adapt the customer experience accordingly. It also has to offer payment methods that match the type of purchase and kind of customer, along with the appropriate logistics. Customers should not walk away dissatisfied because of a bad experience. To increase transparency and continuously improve the customer experience, more and more marketplaces are offering rating services. Reviews allow them to evaluate their sellers, limit the risks of product return, hence refunds (and chargebacks). Ultimately, by pursuing excellence a marketplace will earn its stripes as a trusted third party in the eyes of the consumer.

4. A 100% reliable and efficient payment service

The business model for online marketplaces is in its infancy. It is an evolution of the first e-commerce that soared to success between 1995 and 2015 and witnessed the growth of online payment methods and fintechs that manage all the online data flow. We are in a newly formed economy in which many payment businesses still consider marketplaces as UFOs. In fact their sales concept is still far too recent for all the players to fully grasp, especially since it involves a number of important regulatory constraints. Given this new e-commerce trend, the traditional chain of payment (issuer > payment methods > acquirer > processor) is facing enormous challenges. A new marketplace must be robust and ready to defend its business model because many payment service providers would rather throw in the towel.

Welcome to a world where national regulators are unable to reach a common agreement. They require payment service providers to enforce procedures that comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) program because of collections for third parties. It is not uncommon for payment service providers to pass the buck to marketplaces when it comes to managing sales accounts, monitoring transactions and fraud, changing general terms and conditions, internal procedures, etc. A marketplace needs the right tools to ensure efficient payment. Yet few new marketplaces will have learned the rules of the game. So be careful! You need experts who can deal with all the technical, legal and organisational parameters. Beware of the holiday season traffic: your marketplace business model could quickly collapse under its own weight.

5. Committed and trusted partners

Selecting the right service providers to make life easier and boost your sales is no mean feat. And that’s half the battle. The hard part is to attract more sellers for even more customers. Choosing the right partners is what success it’s all about, so choose them carefully – and avoid a Christmas fiasco!

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Reset Summer Camp for Screen-time Overuse & Gaming Addiction Featured on NBC's Today Show & Comedy Central’s Daily Show

ORANGE, CA, U.S.A., December 19, 2018 / — Reset Summer Camp for Tech Overuse Featured on NBC’s Today Show & Comedy Central’s Daily Show

Reset Summer Camp for adolescent gaming addiction and unhealthy screen-time overuse was featured on NBC’s Today Show last Friday, December 7th in a segment on “video game rehab.” Camp Executive Director Michael Jacobus discussed the issue of teen tech addiction affecting many families with NBC’s Joe Fryer and described how his program helps to resolve it.

“Most of these kids have been staying up until two, three, four in the morning gaming,” Jacobus told Fryer of kids’ screen-time obsession. “They have terrible eating and sleeping habits.”

Parents featured in the segment revealed that they have frequent arguments with their children about playing video games. This phenomenon is not unusual. In fact, the founder of the ultra-popular video game Fortnite reports that more than 200 million people have registered accounts, a number that is up 60 percent since June. CommonSense Media poll results indicate that 61 percent of teens have played the battle-attack video game, and 24 percent of those parents are concerned about the amount of time their child spends playing. Video games are just one aspect of the problem though.

“We have observed that the majority of campers arrive to our program GLUED to their phones,” says Jacobus.

At Reset Summer Camp, teens experience a fun-filled summer camp program full of activities and excursions, without any digital interruption or distraction. In addition to positive peer socialization, they learn life skills like cooking and doing laundry. Importantly, teens are also taught healthy tech habits.

“We’re not telling kids not to game or never to be on social media,” explained Jacobus to NBC. “Technology is in your world, in your life. We just want you to learn to use it in a healthy, self-moderated way.”

Jacobus recommends that families set limits for gameplay, social media and other internet use. His camp features a Family Weekend and 90-day aftercare program to help emphasize that and other key components to moderation.

“Our goal at Reset is to set the foundation for healthy living, personal responsibility and social interaction,” says Jacobus. “These kids are intelligent and creative and we hope to foster that beyond their screens.”

Comedy Central’s Daily Show also offered a light-hearted jab at the program and Jacobus responded with an offer to come to the show to better explain and share the challenges and struggles of gaming addicted kids.

Reset Summer Camp is a fully immersive, residential four-week, clinical program hosted on a college campus, with a fun-filled, summer camp atmosphere. Teens “detox” from their screen addictions and learn how to self-regulate while participating in individual and group therapy. The life skills focused program creates understanding and builds self-confidence so that campers will be able to handle real-world responsibilities. Staff include experienced youth-development professionals, clinical interns, registered nurses and private-practice mental health PhDs who work daily with teens suffering from problematic use of technology, gaming addiction and other unhealthy screen-time habits. For more information, email

Michael Jacobus
Reset Summer Camp
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Reset Summer Camp featured on NBC’s Today Show

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Premium Porcini Mushrooms from Gourmet Living

funghi porcini from Gourmet Living

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini Mushrooms Packaging from Gourmet Living

Fresh funghi porcini

Premium grade sliced porcini mushrooms are ideal for stews, soups and risotto. Dried porcini mushrooms will provide year-round delight to fellow gourmands

Funghi porcini make the ideal gift for "foodies." What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a great risotto made with funghi porcini?”

— Sheila May

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — With Christmas just around the corner, most everyone is looking for "stocking-stuffers." What better way to usher in the holidays than with sliced porcini mushrooms from Gourmet Living? Its premium-grade sliced funghi porcini and sold in an elegant 50-gram bag.

As most experienced buyers are aware, it is next to impossible to source Italian porcini mushrooms in sufficient commercial quantities to import into the United States. For that reason, fresh porcini are sourced from growers in Bulgaria and then dehydrated and sliced by experienced craftspeople in Tuscany, Italy. Gourmet Living takes care to insure that only the finest porcini slices are packaged for sale to consumers in the United States

Until the end of this month, buyers can purchase Gourmet Living's premium grade porcini mushrooms for $ 17.50. The mushrooms normally retail for $19.95. Free shipping is provided on all orders.

Porcini mushrooms are widely used in Italy to flavor risotto, stews, and soups. Porcini mushrooms are treasured by chefs around the world for their unique flavor and texture.

Says co-owner Sheila May, "I agree with Marcella Hazan that dehydrated porcini mushrooms are far more flavorful than fresh porcini. The texture is as important in my cooking as aroma. Therefore I am thrilled to use these premium grade sliced porcini in preparing stews and risotto for my Italian friends."

Funghi porcini are considered to the "crown jewel" of mushrooms. It is not surprising that fresh porcini mushrooms disappear rather quickly. In fact, it has become almost impossible to find either fresh or dried porcini in sufficient commercial quantities for export.

Most supermarkets or specialty food boutiques that sell dried porcini carry brands that consist largely of the scraps and residual cuttings of premium sliced porcini mushrooms. Distinctive sliced funghi porcini adds character to most any dish.

A porcini risotto is generally the best way to highlight the rich texture and aroma of the mushroom. Simply rehydrate the dried mushrooms in warm water and then incorporate the mushrooms and the broth into the risotto as suggested in the recipe.

If you are looking for an elegant way to express your gift-giving creativity this holiday season, funghi porcini from Gourmet Living could be the perfect gift. Need help getting started? Try this great recipe from Marcella Hazan for risotto with funghi porcini.

Richard W May
Gourmet Living
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Funghi Porcini

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Gourmet Living's Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

California extra virgin olive oil

Gourmet Living CA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are looking to make a culinary statement this holiday season, Gourmet Living's extra virgin olive oil from California is a special gift.

Our California EVOO made from the Picual olive is our most popular olive oil.”

— Sheila

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — Gourmet Living's 2017 vintage extra virgin olive oil from California is a great gift for discerning "foodies." Harvested from the picual olive, this first-pressed EVOO is the most popular olive oil sold by Gourmet Living.

Notes Sheila May, the owner of Gourmet Living, "We are focusing our efforts to promote Californian olive oils. Sadly, consumers feel misled by large conglomerates who have deliberately misrepresented inferior oils as 'extra virgin.' California has far more stringent controls."

Extra virgin olive oil (“EVOO”) is at the heart of the Mediterranean diet and many Americans are now discovering the nutritional benefits of using olive oil in their diets. Production of olive oil in California has increased dramatically in recent years as many health-conscious Americans now substitute EVOO for butter.

The health benefits of using extra virgin olive oil remains a very controversial subject. The proponents of the benefits olive oil suggest that the regular use of olive oil can reduce heart disease and may help control diabetes. Others maintain that these “health benefits” are not supported by clinical trials. Nevertheless, both sides of the nutritional debate argue that eating fresh fruits and vegetables (commonly eaten with EVOO) are healthier than consuming factory-processed foods.

Sold in a distinctive 500ml bottle, Gourmet Living has changed both the shape of the bottle and the cap to provide buyers with a better experience. A bottle of EVOO will normally last for a year after it has been opened for the first time and stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

EVOO is far more labor intensive than the production of other vegetable oils. Prices for an authentic and certified 500 ml (17FL oz) bottle of EVOO can vary between $15 and $40. Not all oils labeled “extra virgin olive oil” are truly harvested and bottled under the protocols established by the International Olive Council. Good quality oils from reputable producers in Italy, Greece and Spain tend to be more expensive.

This California EVOO is ideal for salads or roasted vegetables. The picual olive has a light taste that won't overpower other flavors in one's cooking.

With free shipping, make the holiday special for those gourmands on your gift list.

Gourmet Living has made available a guide of Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Olive Oil that can be downloaded from their website.

Sheila May
Gourmet Living
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

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Invest in – SIDCO's Net Zero Home that received US Department's Home Energy Score of 10 – How?

Energy Efficient Passive Inspired Design.

Open floor plan – Living Room

Custom cabinet with Induction BOSCH range.

CA Building Code adopts Net-Zero Energy by 20/20. Explore this Energy Efficient home and save hundreds per month now by combining rooftop solar and Heat Pump.

The impact of climate change on health and exposure to air pollution causes 7 millions deaths worldwide every year and costs an estimated 5 trillion in welfare losses globally- Build Net Zero Homes.”

— Mohan Mahal – SIDCO Homes Inc.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2018 / — Invest in SIDCO – (Sustainable Innovative Design & Construction) home and enjoy the comfortable environment and best indoor air quality in a Energy Efficient Home. Net Zero Home produces more energy than it consumes over a period of one year. Homes uses renewable energy produced by Solar panels which are prepaid and are included in price the house with a 25 year warranty. SIDCO Homes may provide allowance for the lease of an electric car of your choice thus taking one more car off the road that uses combustion fuel. But why do all this – Visit this home at 4910 Kenlar Drive, San Jose, Ca. 95124 or contact Francine Terrell at 408-202-5875 for personal viewing. Here is the rest of the story.

Mohan Mahal – Founder & CEO of SIDCO Homes is "Thankful to the Donor for a Gift of Life." for receiving a Heart Transplant 25 years ago. Till today I do not know if I got inspired or my new Heart that gave me new life got inspired by Dr Wolfgang Feist in Germany to build Passive Homes. A passive home is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra low-energy buildings that require little energy for space heating and cooling. Passive Houses allow for space heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building it makes efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery, rendering conventional heating systems unnecessary throughout even in the coldest of winters.

How do we achieve these results in a remodeling project.

1. Make sure your walls and attic are well insulated.: – The house was taken down to the stud level and framers installed new walls where needed. Title 24 modeling was done to make the attic space as the closed sealed attic. Closed cell spray foam was used to seal the walls and the under the roof. This provided insulation and sealed all the openings to make the house airtight and Energy Efficient.

2.Upgrade or replace windows: – We replaced and installed all new double pane windows with the low u value. to keep the inside worm during winter and cool during summer months. The windows are sealed and made air tight.

3. Replace an older furnace with a high-efficiency system: – This is the most significant part of the Net Zero Home to conserve the energy. Typical homes have the furnaces using the gas for heating and air conditioning for cooling. SIDCO now has moved on to the Heat Pump technology which is more efficient than the furnaces. It provide the heating and cooling for the property. The power for these units are provided by Solar PV's.

4. Improve the efficiency of your hot water system: – The conventional systems have been water heaters keeping the water hot at all times. We have converted this house to the Tankless water system with a recirculation pump with enough capacity to supply the home with three bathrooms and a kitchen. There is new copper plumbing in the house and all the drain lines have also been replaced and installed.

5. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with LED lights: – This house has 100% LED lights in all the rooms. We have also use motion sensors in the bathrooms as needed by code to conserve the energy. In addition to this we have all new electric wiring in the whole house.

6. Install new refrigerator and appliances: – To improve the quality of the air in the house we have used BOSCH new appliances. The stove is induction cooking range which uses energy only when the pot is placed on the stove. To maximize the use of the Solar PV power the Washer and Dryer for this house is Miele Electric.

7. Installation of the new Roof:- The house has a complete new roof with 50 year warranty of Presidential Elite roofing material with OSB underlayment.

8. Totally Landscaped with water conservation drip system: – A project tis not complete till you give it a good curve appeal. We have the property completely landscaped for the family with water conservation plant and drip system for irrigation. There is a complete walk way around the house with concrete patio and storage area.

9. Schedule an energy audit: – Once the house was built and the doors and windows installed we got the blower door test done and applied for the US Departments's Home Energy Report. Once we got the result we were very proud of our accomplishment of building a home that got the highest score of 10 out of 10.

Where does the saving come from when you invest in a SIDCO Home? A typical homeowner with four bedrooms and 2.5 baths and four occupants spends on an average $200 on the energy bill about $200 for driving a gas car and another $200 on the payment or lease of car.

SIDCO – Homes are built with: – Solar panels installed and paid for with a 25-year warranty with electric bill less than $50.00. SIDCO may provide the allowance to pay for a two years lease on an electric car and the house has a 240 volt 40 Amp outlet installed for charging thus a saving of hundreds per month.

Please help us mitigate the climate change one house at a time and invest in the SIDCO Homes and enjoy the comfort of a Passive Inspired Energy Efficient Home.

Mohan Mahal
SIDCO Homes Inc
+1 408-314-3454
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This is Energy Efficient home with indoor air quality index of less than 50 during the Paradise fire.

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A Holiday Wish and a New Year’s Resolution from Stop Foodborne Illness

To be a food safety smart consumer, stay informed about food recalls and alerts.

To be a food safety smart consumer, stay informed about food recalls and alerts.

Learn how to maintain a food-safe kitchen

Learn how to maintain a food-safe kitchen

Learn how to pack food-safe school lunches

Learn how to pack food-safe school lunches

When you suspect foodborne illness, encourage your doctor to consider a foodborne pathogen as the cause of the problem

When you suspect foodborne illness, encourage your doctor to consider a foodborne pathogen as the cause of the problem

FDA food recalls also include pet foods. Feed your pets safely!

FDA food recalls also include pet foods. Feed your pets safely!

Stop Foodborne Illness has one holiday wish: Learn more about food safety so you can prevent family and friends from being victims of foodborne illness.”

I will learn more about food safety so I can prevent my family and friends from being victims of foodborne illness.”

— Stop Foodborne Illness

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2018 / — As the season of “comfort and joy” approaches, Stop Foodborne Illness (, a national, nonprofit, public health organization dedicated to preventing illness and death from foodborne pathogens, has one-holiday wish—that you make this important New Year’s resolution:

“I will learn more about food safety so I can prevent my family and friends from being victims of foodborne illness.”

Foodborne illness is no joke, as can be witnessed by the recent nationwide ban on Romaine lettuce issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Harmful pathogens have become an ever-increasing threat in our food supply, causing serious illness and even death among people with weaker immune systems such as young children and older adults. In 2011, the CDC estimated that each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne illness.

The facts are staggering: As of November 28, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued approximately 95 food recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts involving foodborne illness during 2018. That is almost 2 per week, and many have affected people in multiple states.

You may be surprised to learn that the FDA’s list includes products from nearly all food categories! In fact, we’re going to list them here: tahini, breakfast cereal, cheese, asparagus, cake mix, pistachios, veggie sandwiches, twice-baked potatoes, ice cream, ham rolls, biscuits, rolls, salads, subs, ham, macadamia nuts, cage-free eggs, dry whey powder, bread, crackers, cracker sandwiches, pasta salad, poke kits, sprouting mix, vegetable trays, fresh melons, frozen broccoli, frozen whole tilapia fish, fruit mix, organic nut mix, wild Coho smoked salmon, microgreen mixes, ice pops, smoked salmon spread, romaine lettuce, eggs, organic amaranth flour, coconut, pastries, coconut flour, nutritional yeast, pumpkin seeds, deli products, alfalfa sprouts, chia seeds, cardamom pods, pork, bison, cream cheese, and frozen green beans and mixed vegetables.

If you’re a pet owner, you should also know that the FDA’s list also includes 25 pathogen-related dog and cat food recalls and alerts in 2018. Many of these items were of the “raw” variety. Foodborne illness in pets can be just as serious and life-threatening.

“We must attack foodborne illness on many fronts and in many ways,” said Lauren Bush, board co-chair of Stop Foodborne Illness. “Producers, retailers and consumers must be more vigilant than ever in identifying and preventing harmful pathogens in our food supply. We cannot stress enough how important it is for everyday people to be knowledgeable about foodborne illness—what it is, where it comes from, how to maintain a food-safe household and how to be a smart food shopper.”

“At the food industry level, food safety organizations such as Stop, trade associations, food producers and government agencies are working harder than ever to encourage safe food policies and practices at all levels, but certainly much more can be done,” said Michael Taylor, Stop Foodborne Illness board co-chair and former FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine. “We must all be committed to very high food safety standards and make sure those standards are enforced through the food chain.”


As Stop’s holiday gift to you, here are ten things you can do to be knowledgeable about foodborne illness and help keep your family safe.

1. Sign up to get free email alerts when food recalls are declared. Stop Foodborne Illness regularly posts information about new food recalls:
2. Learn what foodborne illness is:
3. Learn about common foodborne pathogens:
4. Learn about symptoms, causes and treatments:
5. Learn about others’ experiences:
6. Learn how to cook safely and kill harmful pathogens before they reach the dinner table:
7. Learn how to maintain a food-safe kitchen:
8. Encourage your school district to teach children about foodborne illness:
9. Know who to contact if you or your family members contract foodborne illness. If it is serious, don’t be shy—call 9-1-1. When you visit your doctor or clinic, make sure you encourage them to consider a foodborne pathogen as the cause of the symptoms.
10. Learn more about food safety resources available in your state:
11. Learn how to shop safely at farmers markets:
12. Learn how to pack food-safe school lunches:

Help make others smarter about food safety! We encourage you to share your own foodborne illness story: Your story may help others avoid being a victim and provide much needed moral support to those experiencing the same things.

May you and yours enjoy a happy, safe and healthy holiday season and New Year!

Stop Foodborne Illness Is Here to Help You
Stop Foodborne Illness is a national, nonprofit, public health organization dedicated to preventing illness and death from foodborne pathogens by promoting sound food safety policy and best practices, building public awareness and assisting those impacted by foodborne illness. For more food safety tips please visit If you think you have been sickened from food, check this out and contact your local health professional.

For questions and personal assistance, please contact Stop Foodborne Illness’ Community Coordinator, Stanley Rutledge, at or 773-269-6555 x7. To donate to Stop, visit here.

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Entrepreneur and Digital Strategist Brian Newmark Takes on a Jack-of-all-Trades Mentality to Find Venture Success

VILLANOVA , PENNSYLVANIA , USA, December 12, 2018 / — Entrepreneur Brian Newmark specializes in business development, sales team management, and digital strategy after taking on a number of ventures at an early age. Today, he relies on his complex range of skills to grow numerous ventures in many competitive markets.

Since finding success in startups in his 20s, Brian Newmark has launched a dozen ventures and created a solid reputation for longstanding businesses. Not all of his ventures have found their proper footing, but his tenacity and optimism are benchmarks to his success, which he encourages every entrepreneur to adopt.

“When going after a win, you’ll inevitably hit roadblocks and wind up with a few failures,”Brian Newmark says. “But you have to keep your head up and learn from your mistakes.” he then clarified, “Sometimes I’ve realized that I made this mistake before, those are the hardest to accept.”

His business interests vary, with ventures ranging from financial services and real estate to a small chain of Indian restaurants in and around Philadelphia, and with a variety of other businesses along the way. Finding success in as wide a variety of ventures as Brian Newmark has requires an intrinsic business savvy and a willingness to fill multiple roles to see a project to completion. In the past, Mr. Newmark has proven expertise in business development, financial service, digital strategy, public relations, marketing, as well as sales expertise (among other skills).

Brian Newmark shared that before investing in a business he asks the founder “who are your mentors and what failures have they had? That second part of the question is how I judge the wisdom on the founder. Everyone likes to talk about their successes, I want to invest with a founder who understands the importance of having seasoned mentors. Anyone can have success without gaining wisdom. I want the person coaching my founders to have had success and failure, I certainly have and am often told that I am an excellent mentor.” Newmark went on to share his thoughts on wearing many hats. “I believe it is important for a founder to be able to do every job required in his or her company. That creates a much better understanding of what needs to get done. I can say with confidence that aside from cooking at my Indian restaurants, which I tried on occasion, there has never been an employee whose job I could not do, maybe not well, but I can do it. That also prevents an employee from holding me hostage. I’ll answer phones, bus tables, create reports, sell a product, fix computers and anything else that needs to be done. It may not be the best use of my time, but it is effective in earning the respect of my team ”

Brian Newmark has served as President and CEO of a major marketing company whose annual sales exceeded $60 million. In this role, Mr. Newmark was challenged daily to create solutions to complex problems that ranged from typical process issues to large, operational problems.

In 2014, Brian Newmark and his associates created Deaflix Inc. with the goal to create the world’s first broadcast quality television programming exclusively in sign language. When ask what inspired Brian Newmark to take on this challenge he replied “There are an estimated 70 million deaf signers worldwide, most of whom do not enjoy television that way you and I do. Those whose primary means of communication is sign language deserve the opportunity to be entertained and informed just like everyone else. This is without a doubt the largest undertaking to date of my career, but I know it will be the most rewarding.”

“Your future is what you make of it,” Brian Newmark says. “You have to sow seeds even in the thick of business operations if you want to find success in many avenues.”

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