Free Hickman's Family Farms Eggs with Temptee Specialty Foods Purchase

Denver Style Fully Cooked Hot Links

Protein Boosted Guacamole with Pre-cooked Fresh Cage Free Eggs

Pre-cooked Cage Free Scrambled Eggs with Fruit

Every New Customer that Purchases any 4 cases of Temptee Specialty Food Products will receive one free case of Hickman's Family Farms Eggs

Temptee Specialty Foods can custom produce raw or fully cooked beef, pork, chicken, chili, beans or egg products for large and small restaurant chains or stores with their very own proprietary recipe”

— Jack Lowe – President/CEO of Temptee Specialty Foods

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2019 / — Temptee Specialty Foods is offering a Free Case of Hickman's Family Farm Eggs to new customers that purchase 4 cases of any product or products manufactured by Temptee during the month of November 2019. Temptee continues it's expansion of it's fully cooked line of meat and egg products throughout the USA.

Having mastered the cooking process of eggs they have developed pre-cooked cage free scrambled eggs that can be used HOT or COLD and ALSO used to make PROTEIN BOOSTED GUACAMOLE. By adding the special pre-cooked cage free scrambled eggs to the guacamole it lowers the fat, increases the volume, adds protein and extends the shelf life of one of the most desired items served in restaurants and homes today. Temptee Specialty Foods only uses Hickman's Family Farms Eggs to insure the safety and quality of all of their cooked egg products.

Some of the many products products produced by Temptee include fully cooked ready to eat Denver Style Hot Links, Honey Bourbon Links, Hot Polish and Regular Polish Links, Beer Brats, All Natural Fully cooked Shredded Beef, Chorizo and Chicken. Temptee wholesales their full line of items to most foodservice and retail distributors in Colorado. Temptee also produces products for large and small restaurant chains using the chains own propriety recipes.

The company is USDA and FDA inspected and always has your safety in mind. Temptee is family owned and has over 50 years of experience in the food industry. Temptee's Director of Operations Wade Lowe has teamed with Egg Promotions LLC and Protein Brokers LLC to promote TEMPTEE SPECIALTY FOODS PRODUCTS, THEIR FULL LINE OF KETO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS and get A FREE CASE OF HICKMAN'S FAMILY FARMS EGGS into every restaurant, catering company and deli in Colorado and surrounding states.

Protein Brokers LLC, the woman owned and managed company is the National Broker for Temptee Specialty Foods. Marlene Seward the President/CEO of Protein Brokers LLC with years of banking management experience with Bank of America, ANB Bank WHILE owning and operating food brokerage companies also advises companies she does business with how to build solid banking relationships that result in a positive bottom line.

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Source: EIN Presswire