Innovative Start-up aims to change the way we make new friends and socialize

Gathers Net

Gathers Net

Gathers Net -people focused network

Gathers Net -people focused network

Gathers works to bring people together and build communities for an authentic value of human connection.

If you have the space to host social gatherings or perhaps amazing social skills, Gathers offer you the chance to act as a host, or perhaps be a guest in someone else’s home, whatever you feel like”

— Khaled Alkulaib, Founder

SAN DIEGO, CA, US, July 1, 2020 / — A new innovative channel for sharing interests and meeting new people has recently launched in the U.S. Founder, Khaled Alkulaib announced that his company, aims to bring people closer who share similar interests for an authentic value of human connection.

The start-up that recently went live is currently accepting new hosts and their mission is to connect like-minded individuals with others in their city and neighborhoods. makes it possible to meet new people who share similar interests, such as cooking, books, movies, art, and other recreational activities. The site enables users to either host a gathering or perhaps join one. “Meeting new people in a digital and modern era can become difficult, that’s why we at Gathers empower social gathering and link people that share similar interests. We understand the difficulty of finding friends and people that share our interests,” tells Alkulaib.

Gathers is a simple and unique way to connect with people in a new city, neighborhood, or even when you’re only visiting a new destination for a short time. The team realized that many people struggle to put themselves out there, either having limited funds or having the uncertainty of never knowing who would attend or not. The platform works as a social hub, whereby interested users can register and create an account. They can then decide if they want to host an event, or perhaps attend one.

The team has managed to remove the tedious administration and organization needed to plan your next get together. What they’ve achieved, is building a site, whereby users can make a bit of extra money, share their interests with new people, and familiarize themselves with others in their communities.

“If you have the space to host social gatherings, or perhaps amazing social skills, you can now host guests to do fun and exciting activities together. Gathers offer you the chance to act as a host, or perhaps be a guest in someone else’s home, whatever you feel like,” says Alkulaib. The easy registration process on the platform will enable users to have a new experience each time.

Although the site is fairly new, there’s currently a handful of experiences available that new users can join. Currently, users can pick between book reading, cooking, and food, farm fruit picking, watching movies, and playing either live-action sports or video games. Other options may be added soon as the company is just setting out to test the waters.

Existing social media and dating platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid are among the most popular sites available. Although the experience of meeting a new person via one of these sites might not always flourish into a lasting friendship, Gathers has become a way to be more creative, build a human connection with more than one person at a time and also shape valuable friendships.

Gathers’ ability to reshape how we meet new friends, or perhaps share our interests with others is a truly unique method in our modern perceptions. Social media has been lacking traction in its ability to build social networks. To some extent, the most popular social and dating sites can easily become filled with marketing schemes, political ad campaigns, and act as news channels for large media outlets.

“Our goal is to become a one-stop haven, not only for many new people sharing their interests but to some extent foster a global community. Saving time and money is a valuable asset for many people, and Gathers will be available for local and international experiences,” he concludes.

Gathers is redesigning conventional methods for finding like-minded groups of friends. As the global pandemic sweeps through our cities and communities each day, it's unclear when we might restart our lives and return to normality. The platform is rethinking local and international communities for the coming years.

Gathers has already gone live, and interested hosts and/or guests can visit their website and register to become a member.

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