Besch Design puts it all on the (kitchen) table for conducting a successful renovation

Award-winning Chicago architecture firm answers key kitchen renovation questions

CHICAGO, IL, USA, July 24, 2020 / — Besch Design Ltd. is one of the premier architectural design firms in the Windy City, ranging in experience from small interior renovations to large scale multi-unit development projects.

The architecture firm knows that the kitchen is a particularly distinct section of the home, being visited at least three times a day by the average individual homeowner. This adds up to a yearly total of over 1,000 visits in a year per person, and nearly 10,000 interactions after 9 years. With this in mind, it makes sense that interior renovators suggest a kitchen makeover every decade to keep the homeowner’s culinary headquarters in tiptop shape.

Here, Besch Design founder and President Steven Besch answers some important questions about kitchen remodels and renovations.

— What are some questions homeowners should ask themselves when they are considering a kitchen renovation?

You should have a budget in the back of your mind, and sort out the payment aspect at the beginning so that nothing radical jumps out at you when your kitchen is half torn up. Additionally, you should know how large in scale of a project you’re considering: Are you creating an addition or is this a simpler renovation? Realizing when to commence construction is also important, which leads into the question of whether or not you’ll be living at home during the construction period or spend those days (and possibly nights) away from the home. Lastly, the quality of the appliances should be considered (either professional level or simply a nice-looking aesthetic) depending on how often you cook labor-intensive meals and how frequently you entertain guests.

— What are some of the more popular renovation styles Besch has done over the last few years? Any kitchen remodeling trends that have emerged?

Cabinetry colors lead the trend. In the last few years, white or off-white cabinets paired with a darker color (like grey as an accent color) on the islands have been really popular. We’re seeing seating at the island in many projects too. Styles really are dependent upon the owner; for example, our firm provides anything from sleek modern kitchens to a very traditional style cabinetry. In terms of the macro, opening it up to the family room or living room continues to be requested, especially if you want to engage with family when prepping meals or while entertaining guests. Another big request are walk-in pantries; however, if you don’t have the room for a walk-in style pantry, we recommend incorporating a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with pull-out shelves as a similar substitute.

— What are some of the product trends you’re noticing?

Stainless steel appliances will always be in, and grey or graphite color appliances are starting to become popular. Furthermore, panel-front refrigerators and dishwashers are increasing in popularity again. Coffee bars (or built-in areas that are hidden behind cabinet doors) are witnessing a resurgence too. There is also an increased use of appliances or gadgets that use steam for cooking and a greater emphasis on induction cooktops.

— How can kitchen remodels help with the value of your home? Are there certain things that help more than others when renovating?

Most real estate agents will confirm that an updated kitchen will bring greater value to your home. If selling your house is a near-future priority of yours, a kitchen renovation gives the impression that you kept up and have more of the modern conveniences. Obviously, upgrading appliances will always bring increased value to the house. Spacial utilization is also key. Upper cabinets that are at least 42” in height, or up to the ceiling make the kitchen look bigger and provide more storage space.

Integrating steam cooking or warming ovens, or just the latest in appliance technology, is another good to incorporate. For those who like to cook and try new things, be sure to have a properly sized exhaust system over your range or cooktop. A 900 to 1200CFM exhaust hood is essential when planning for a kitchen that will be used by folks who like to cook. Remote fans are a nice thing for exhaust hoods if your home can accommodate them. They cut back on the noise of the fan when it is on.

— Are there any downsides to renovating a kitchen?

Some kitchens get too big for the way you live and use it, so knowing how much you truly utilize the culinary space and being honest with yourself will help prevent overdoing it. Not to mention that sometimes owners will go all-in on great professional appliances and they are just not that into cooking, but they look good in the kitchen. Simply put, this is overkill and doesn’t end up serving anyone well.

— When people call Besch for a kitchen renovation, what are the reasons they gave for their desire to remodel?

Many of our clients who purchase an older home feel that redoing the kitchen is the first thing they need to tackle to modernize their new home. With older homes that were more compartmentalized, clients want to open up the kitchen to the dining area or open it up to a family room addition to make the whole layout more spacious. As crazy as it sounds, many clients call to renovate their kitchens because one of their appliances has gone down and it becomes the excuse to renovate instead of just replacing the appliance. Many times, clients will also reach out when their family is beginning to grow and they need more space in the kitchen. A lot of the motivation boils down to wanting something more efficient than what’s currently in place.

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