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New, Inclusive Social Club Fills the Need for Connecting During Socially Distant Times

We are here to fill a void. People can’t meet in person right now, but they’re still longing for companionship and connection. Jet Black will help facilitate those connections.”

— Sana Akhand, Jet Black Social Club CEO and cofounder

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 15, 2020 / — A new digital social club has emerged to bring people together during these times of social distancing. Jet Black Social Club, which soft launched August 1, is a one-of-a-kind place to network, socialize, and grow, where all are welcome and being one’s unique self is encouraged. Co-founded by two women from different socioeconomic backgrounds, Jet Black’s mission to unite people from diverse walks of life has been at the forefront since its inception.

The Digital Membership offers a place for ambitious professionals, side-hustlers, artists, and urban-minded individuals to connect. In-site topic sections offer members the chance to connect over books, television, music, food, careers, and recommendations for activities and venues across their home cities.

Digital Members can expect to enjoy perks such as discounts to amazing brands, networking matches, and an array of events such as a monthly book club, virtual cooking classes, workout and wine classes, and DJ live streams. Those looking to grow their network can do so through the in-club matching service. Members fill out a short survey and are matched to fellow members to connect one-on-one, where they are given specially designed icebreaker activities to eliminate that “awkward first meeting” feeling.

“We are here to fill a void,” says Sana Akhand, Jet Black Social Club CEO and cofounder. “People can’t meet in person right now, but they’re still longing for companionship and connection. Jet Black will help facilitate those connections by curating one-on-one coffee chats, small group lunch breaks, and encourage social networking in a way that a dating app or career site like LinkedIn can’t do.”

The Jet Black model also enforces a strict policy that does not suffer fools. Known as “No A-holes Allowed,” Akhand felt the need was larger than ever for a place for people to socialize and feel welcomed. “Other social clubs have an air of exclusivity to them. That makes it difficult for some people to feel they fit in. We wanted to build a space around everyone’s differences, where they were supported and celebrated; all while having fun.”

Our beta testers have already noted great opportunities for networking and socializing on the platform. “Jet Black has already helped me diversify my social circles by connecting me with amazing humans whom I normally wouldn’t meet in my everyday life,” says Jet Black member Nicole Hartmann. “I’ve been able to find new, interesting people to interview for my podcast, learn how to make cocktails with ingredients already in my kitchen and I even learned the benefits of CBD to help with anxiety. I love how there is a little bit of something for all of my different interests.”

Akhand, with the help of co-founder and CMO Jessica Poillucci, built this space to bring people together to network in a non-traditional way, where the bottom line is not “what can you do for me” but rather, “how can we both support each other— the business benefits may come later.”

Starting at just $9.99 a month—less than the price of a drink—you can enjoy all of the perks of Jet Black. To apply for Digital Membership, visit the Jet Black Social Club website. Clubhouse Membership is coming soon upon launch of our flagship location in lower Manhattan.

About Jet Black Social Club:
Our mission is to create a safe place for people from all different backgrounds to feel welcome. We won't tolerate any racism or prejudice of any kind. We embrace everyone's diversity and unique contributions to build a strong community. Our members are curious about people unlike them and want to grow and learn, while having fun! Learn more at

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