Nilesh Patel, an IT Entrepreneur turns simple food in artistic ways with a fusion of sources in his kitchen.


Nilesh Patel IT Entrepreneur Turned Simple food in Artistic ways.

Food creation trends have gone to an extended level during the time of Lockdown worldwide, but this entire trend by this IT Entrepreneur sets an example.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 22, 2020 / — IT Entrepreneur working into Information Technology based in Surat turned out to be the most artistic during the period of Lockdown. When most people around the country were bored or were tired of doing things that they never did, this man started to turn his culinary skills into some of the most artistic ways. According to him, Food is just a simple thing that everyone can play with, the only thing that one needs to understand is how you can balance the flavors, colors and the aroma of the food, along with, it is even very much important for anyone of us is to place the food so well in the plate that anyone would enjoy it.

Nilesh Patel, based in Surat and works as an entrepreneur in Information Technology, loves to Explore, Experience and Recreate. During the time of Lockdown in India, many have experienced home cooking and definitely enjoyed but not really like this Gentleman Nilesh Patel. He loves to cook once in a while but during the time of lockdown, he mastered many traditional dishes that are either based locally or even from around the World, he mastered them in the beautiful styles of Plating that anyone would crave for it.

“I always loved cooking and all my creations are based on my imaginations, taste and flavors based on what I may have explored and experienced, with that I try to recreate anything with a fusion that I can do my best. I try to visualize what I really want, I draw a sketch of the same of what I want, that becomes too easy for me to go with the final version of my Plate. I never went anywhere to learn cooking nor I have any previous experience, but when my elder daughter Urjaa discussed she wanted to pursue her career in the Culinary industry, I made up my mind that if my daughter wants to get into an industry that’s different then what I’m, I will also have to learn about how things are done and presented.”

Some of his creations go viral on Instagram during the lockdown time after users started to know about every Saturday they use to Make the Dish that is a well-known delicacy and it was created by many families around the World with the same recipe and whatever the resources one were having in their Kitchen during the lockdown period. “We got a tremendous response to the campaign and it really helped us to make our local delicacies popular around the world through support of World-class Chef’s for more than 4 weekends in a row. Be it Surati Locho, Surati Tapela nu Shaak, Surati Kapooriya, Surati Daal Dhokali that we had a signature recipe in our family.”

Surat has always played a significant role in Indian Culinary world for over 5 centuries and the most remarkable part of the city is, it is always full with some of the best cuisines in India that have been popular around the world not only almost Surati's, Gujaratis but it is also popular amongst many World-class Chef's who have already had a taste of the cuisine including the Oscar of Culinary World "James Beard Foundation " Award-winning Chef's who were hosted by Nilesh Patel & their Family and friend Urvi Zanzmera at their home for a Surati Dinner in Surat on the 4th February 2020. His creations were also widely acclaimed by the Celebrity Chefs in India as well as around the world.

This is fantastic to learn about how people can polish their creativity by doing just one simple thing making it as their hobby, and there are absolutely No doubts about this. We have links of his Instagram Posts into this publication and it is fantastic to look at the and the details that we have never even imagined before.

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