Meet these Suratis, are rebranding their culinary culture in a whole new Avatar by reinventing "Suart nu Jaman"


Nilesh Patel turns simple food in to an artistic form.


Chef. Dolcee Bachkaniwala


Pankti Choksi

Surat with one of the oldest culinary history is once again setting up new standards with some of the top most profiles who are capable to present on plates.

People from Surat are setting up new standards for their world class cuisine which is known as a French cuisine of India.”

— Nilesh Patel

SURAT, GUJARAT, INDIA, October 8, 2020 / — Surat, a Food Capital of India, no doubts, for over 5 centuries food in Surat is rated amongst the top of any cities in India, and why not? It is very much mixed culture of culinary culture ever since the Portugals, Dutch and the Moguls arrived in this city. Being a the largest treading port for Spices, Clothes, Gems & Jewelries for over 6 centuries, Surat has always welcomes cultures from all around the World.

The Portuguese came with many different techniques and so does the Dutch and Moguls. All together it is a place where beautiful combinations of food, flavors and aromas get together. Surat made its way in to every corners of India then and even today with vibrant theories and techniques preparing food that's more over based on right cooking time, maintaining the right temperature, perfectly blended spices, ingredients to make them taste perfect. All in all, Food in Surat can be called as French Cuisines of India – Perfectly Balanced with Flavors, Colors and Aroma. Though the flavors in Surati cuisines are balanced just with handful ingredients of which are "Green Chilies, Sea Salt, Ginger and during the cold winter days they use Green Garlic" the most. Rest dried spices like "Cumin, Coriander, Mustard, Carom Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Turmeric, Cardamom, Asafetida" are commonly used to enhance the aroma of food.

Most Popular food of the time went very much popular from Surat are – Undhiyu, Lilvaa, Khaman, Surati Locho, Idada, Haandvo, Tapelu, Lili Tuver ni Kachori, Khandvi, Kapooriya, Surat ni Ghari are just few delicacies which has gone viral Worldwide among the major Indian community. In fact Surat has always been diverse when it comes to Food, Cooking Techniques and creating great flavors, no matter if they're Vegetarian or Non.Vegetarian, food has always remained on their top priority.

Centuries have passed and new cooking methods took place of the old generation styles, but still Surat remains the same, and in these past few years, number of different food emerged in a very new Avatar.

Surati's now have come up with better and much improved ideas by creating and enhancing the wider array for their cuisine, and why not? Time keeps on changing and this is in the demand. Some Surati's have gone farther by giving their Cuisine a nice Twist giving it a nice area to display to the outer World once again. All in all, "Surati Cuisines are bouncing back." The way they prepare with today's modern technology to present it through the social media World of Instagram, Facebook and other media, their skills can be seen clearly impressive.

Urvi Zanzmera

A very well know personality on the Social Media for her deep knowledge of Food, Culture and art of cooking, Urvi has hosted number well know personalities from different part of India as well as well known Award winning Chef's in Surat providing them an in-depth food culture that is over Six centuries Old.

Pankti Choksi

Known for her Photographic skills, she's also a master in Cooking, Baking and turning some of the Old recipes in to a modern Culinary culture. Her amazing skills in Photography and Cooking are so well balanced that she creates wonders through her camera lens to present on the Social media that turns out to be tempting.

Nilesh and Nisha Patel

An IT Entrepreneur having experience in Diamonds and Jewelries of over 14 plus years, Lockdown turned them in to a Food stylist by experimenting new fusions in culinary.

Chef. Dolcee Bachkaniwala

A Computer Engineer by qualification and a University Lecturer, later turned as Surat's 1st Chef. and Foodpreneur. Her experience of over 20 years in Cooking gave her a successful entry to India's premier Cooking Show "Masterchef India 2011." Her contribution in pioneering Surat's premium Gourmet banquet "Chef's Table" has changed entire food industry of Surat in the recent years.

Falguni Jhaveri

One more emerging home cook from Surat, she is capable of presenting some of the best Vegetarian and Non.Vegetarian cuisines originating from Surat. Especially her community cuisines that are very much enjoyed during occasions, she's balanced her skills in presenting well retaining the generation Old Recipes.

Their Profiles on Instagram says it all about how greatly they're changing entire food culture to a modern version in Surat so quickly by retaining the essence of centuries old food tradition.

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