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Bagnetique helps to keep cell phones, keys, and other items from getting lost at the bottom of purses and bags.

BRESCIA, ITALY, October 8, 2020 / — The developer of one of the world’s most revolutionary products is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its game-changing organizational solution: Bagnetique.

Bagnetique is a brand-new, patent-pending invention that solves a problem most women face multiple times each day – keeping frequently used items from getting lost in a purse or bag. The product is a phone-holding magnet, engineered specifically to work inside a handbag, keeping cell phones, keys, lipsticks, lighters, and even pepper spray within easy reach.

“I came up with the idea for Bagnetique because I always see women digging and searching in panic to find what they need in the depths of their bags,” says founder of Bagnetique, Christina Ayer. “This can be a very frustrating experience, especially when you’re in a rush, so I wanted to come up with the ultimate solution to help women feel more at ease.”

Bagnetique was specifically designed to not only help women to be more organized, but also to hold up to frequent, daily use. Bagnetique is made of strong neodymium magnets in a beautiful decorative casing and is designed to be easily attached on the inside wall of any handbag. The product can be attached with the specially designed backing glue (which will not harm the bag or leave residue), or it can be clipped onto an inside pocket using the internal clip.

“The repositionable and removable internal clip is the heart of Bagnetique's design and technology,” Ayer states. “The clip works as a lever to easily remove the phone from the magnet and can easily be moved from one bag to another. Since your phone can quickly be accessed with one hand, you’ll never even have to look inside your bag!”

To make Bagnetique even more versatile, the clip can be completely removed to use in other spaces. For example, Bagnetique is a pretty and decorative alternative to the standard black utilitarian magnets currently available and is ideal for handsfree chatting in the car, in the kitchen (video chat, read recipes, music while cooking), by the front door (for tossing keys when you get home), and so much more.

Bagnetique's first, limited production is underway now and will be launched on Kickstarter by mid-October – ensuring it will be ready to deliver before Christmas. The product’s variety of lovely designs and colours, together with 100% recyclable and beautiful packaging, make it a great stocking stuffer and gift item – there is a Bagnetique for every taste and style!

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About Bagnetique

Bagnetique was invented and designed by women, for women. The inventor, Christina Ayer, is a long-time entrepreneur and business owner, as well as an artist and mother of four. She personally understands the stress of missing calls from kids in need, the frustration of trying to find car keys while balancing bags of shopping in the rain, and the cost of missing important calls from business clients. With Bagnetique, the items women always need from their bag are kept always in instant, easy, one-handed reach.

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Source: EIN Presswire