A Quick Guide to House Decks Provided by MAW Construction, Inc.

Home additions company, MAW Construction, Inc. provides a quick and easy guide to decks on their new website.

LEVITTOWN, PA, US, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many homeowners dream of having the perfect deck. Decks create space that allows for a variety of activities such as…
– cooking outside
– dining outside
– hosting a party
– providing a place for a hot-tub
– providing a place for a bar
– and more!
A deck is an investment in your home’s value and space. If you are looking at adding a deck to your home then you’ll want to make sure you choose the right style and material that will compliment your house and suit your lifestyle. MAW Construction, Inc., a Bucks County, PA home additions and remodeling company, provided a quick and easy guide to help you decide the best house deck for you! First, they go over the prominent types of house decks and their general pros and cons.

Wraparound Decks

Charming, spacious, and desirable – many homeowners dream of having a wraparound deck! This deck goes around your entire home so you have a complete view of your property. It adds a considerable amount of living space and greatly increases your home's value. The downside is that not every home can have a wraparound deck installed. It requires a lot of land, and not every house is built in a way that works with a wrap-around deck.

Multi-Tier Deck

This type is perfect for any large property with differences in elevation or rocky terrain. Steps or paths connect the various levels, which can create distinct visuals and provide a lot of space that you can use for all sorts of things. On the downside, these decks depend on supports that will disrupt the use of the ground underneath. While a bit pricier to build, it does have a great return on investment!

Attached Deck

This classic choice refers to any deck that is placed against the home. This includes the previously mentioned wraparound and multi-tier deck styles. It creates a seamless transition from the home to the property. Compared to the detached or floating deck, it is often less expensive and labor-intensive. On the other hand, it is not a project for DIY. If not build correctly a lot of damage can be done to the deck and your home!

Detached Deck

Also known as the floating deck, these can be built anywhere on your property. This is a great choice for oddly shaped homes or for pools and gazebos. They tend to be smaller but completely self-supporting so it won't affect your home. Getting one installed is fairly labor-intensive and more expensive since you will definitely want a professional to build it for you. Be sure to clearly state what you'll want to put on the deck because if it isn't braced for heavy objects, such as a hot tub, you may run into problems!

Rooftop Deck

If you have a flat roof or garage then this might be the perfect option for your home! This type suits urban homes or homes with smaller properties since it doesn't take up more ground-room. Make sure to clear the idea with a professional before setting your heart on it because not every home can handle this deck style.

Their helpful guide continues on to cover decking materials as well. If you want to see more be sure to check out their original article found on their newly redesigned website! They want the Bucks County, PA areas to know that if you need a new deck, or other home remodeling project, be sure to call MAW Construction, Inc. for a free consultation!

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