Karen Davison Speaks Out on the Challenges of Being a Head Chef

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Karen Davison, a culinary blogger and professional chef, recently discussed the challenges of being a head chef in an article published on Noobpreneur.

Davison is a culinary enthusiast from Plano, Texas, who after graduating from an elite culinary school, worked in the restaurant industry for several decades. During this time, she worked in restaurants all over North America in various kitchen roles, including as a saucier, sous chef, and an associate head chef. However, working as a head chef has been the most rewarding job of her career.

Although many people think that being a head chef is a glamorous job, it can be extremely challenging. That is the focus of the article, in which Karen Davison provided the four main challenges she has experienced as a head chef.

Until you become a tenured or head chef, the pay is going to be quite underwhelming and it can take a lot of time to get there. In addition, according to Karen Davison, chefs often work 15-hour shifts and miss many important holidays. In fact, in the article Davison talked about how difficult it can be to maintain a personal life as a head chef, because of the long hours worked, especially on evenings and weekends.

The second challenge Davison highlighted in the article is that as a head chef, there is a very low margin for error and high compliance standards. Chefs are always trying to strike the perfect balance between efficiency and compliance, as every restaurant has a strict health code they must adhere to at all times. In addition, if someone on the staff makes a mistake, it can take a lot of work to undo that mistake, risking your restaurant’s reputation as well as your own.

The final two challenges Karen Davison discussed are the high pressure stakes of the job, alongside the little downtime afforded to head chefs and the fact that being a head chef is far more than just cooking, which many people fail to realize. Being a head chef also involves having the organizational skills necessary to run a kitchen and the ability to choose the best, highest quality ingredients for your dishes.

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About Karen Davison

Karen Davison is a professional chef, culinary blogger, and culinary enthusiast based in Plano, Texas. She specializes in fine dining and has worked as a saucier, a sous chef, an associate chef, and a head chef in various restaurants all over North America. Over the years, Davison has built a reputation as a creative force in the kitchen who crafts wonderful meals from the first course to the last.

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