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Villagers in Bali relying more and more on local charities to survive

Dean Keddell, chef & owner of two Bali restaurants, doing what he can to support locals

With borders closed to tourists, Bali's economy is crashing along with jobs and cash for food, shelter and other necessities.

I am watching the destruction of Bali as we knew it & feel absolutely helpless. With my restaurants virtually at a standstill, my staff are watching near-empty seats with growing fear on their faces.”

— Dean Keddell

SEMINYAK, BALI, INDONESIA, February 17, 2021 / — There is an even more insidious disease than Covid creeping up on the people of Bali.

Since the borders were closed and the tourism industry collapsed, locals no longer have jobs. Our Balinese neighbours and friends, Ketut and Made are in trouble. They have been forced to return to their villages to eke out survival with no cash flow. Instead of sending money back home, they are now home with no money to give.

Charities are being called upon to do more and more but even they are on the edge of collapse. Again, no cashflow is bringing them to their knees. With no visitors to the island, many of the charities are unable to do their usual fundraising activities and, with more and more locals turning to them for support, they are desperate for help.

Local chef and restaurant owner, Dean Keddell, said, "I have been watching the destruction of the island around me and felt absolutely helpless. With my own two restaurants, Ginger Moon Canteen and Jackson Lily's virtually at a standstill, I have had to lay off a large proportion of my staff. Those who are left stand day by day watching near-empty seats with more and more fear on their faces."

To turn that around, Dean started a project to collect family and local recipes to produce a Balinese cookbook. Eight months later, the book is over 400 pages long and is filled with recipes from the basics of Indonesian cooking to Dean's more sophisticated ones from his restaurant, as well as stunning photography and stories about family and village life throughout the island.

Dean started a Chuffed crowdfunder campaign to raise money for five of the neediest charities in Bali to help support their infrastructures. These charities are a lifeline to Bali's most vulnerable families who are finding basic living unsustainable in a Covid world.

With only two weeks to go, the crowd-funder,,

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Bali In Trouble During Pandemic

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