Through a Nightmare, a Dream Trip Was Born

How a travel company got creative in order to travel with their clients even though no one could leave their homes.

ATHENS, GREECE, March 18, 2021 / — The travel duo, Manolis and Patricia, owners of The Olive Odysseys travel company, watched as the pandemic took hold and the world started to shut down. They nearly panicked thinking about what it would mean for their company, one specializing in small group travel in Europe. No one could leave their homes, leaving the prospect of a trip across the pond a faraway dream.

The couple, who live most of the year in Greece, realized that their travel company might not recover. "First and foremost, we were more concerned with the health of everyone both near and far, but we admit that alarm bells were ringing for our company," according to Patricia. "But my husband, who is stoic Greek, did not panic and simply came up with the idea that if people cannot come to Greece, we'll bring Greece to them.”

During a rare opening up of the country in September 2020, they used that time to safely film the highlights of their ‘bucket list’ trip to Greece, including using their favorite guides to bring the trip to life: visiting olive groves, vineyards, whitewashed Greek islands, and even cooking their favorite Greek dishes. This particular trip is what their clients, some who have done six tours with them, rate as ‘the best vaca of all time!’ “We offered the film to our clients for free, and then after the first excited reviews, opened it up to the world.” said Manolis.

“Now as soon as the vaccinations are starting, we are getting emails and calls from clients. They are dreaming about traveling again and we are first on their list,” says Patricia. “The effort was so worth it, the goodwill we generated by offering this trip for free, has been fabulous.”

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Greece Gives Up Its Secrets

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