Kidney Doctor Dr. Blake Shusterman Partners with American Kidney Fund Through “Cooking Doc” Platform for Kidney Month

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — There’s a reason why a whole month of the year is dedicated to raising awareness for kidney health. As a vital organ, kidneys play an important part in filtering waste, control red blood cell production and blood pressure. Some could compare them to the body’s chemical factory, making sure that it’s performing vital functions properly. As good as it sounds, kidneys are also at the risk of getting damaged overtime, with no showing physical symptoms.

Reports show that one in three American adults are at risk for kidney disease and that out of the 26 million people living in America, most are not aware that they suffer from it. That is why it is so important to keep them healthy and strong.

South Carolina based nephrologist, Dr. Blake Shusterman, known fondly by his patients as “Dr. Blake,” and nationwide as The Cooking Doc, is aware that for many people, particularly those suffering from health issues, switching to a healthier lifestyle can be difficult or unsatisfying. The reality is that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive. Through his passion for food and helping others, his purpose is to empower people to make healthier food choices without compromising taste or joy for eating. This led him to write his book “Kidney Healthy Cooking.”

The book, which is available both in ebook format and on Amazon, details a number of delicious and kidney friendly recipes and guidance.

A lover of food, he sees the enjoyment of it as an important component to be able to make the switch to a better life. Instead of telling patients what they can or cannot eat, Dr. Blake informs them on new ways to cook and introduce ingredients to their diet. His approach has always been to make cooking fun, relaxing, delicious and accessible to everyone.

His partnership with the American Kidney Fund allows him to host a virtual cooking show to inspire and educate people concerned about their kidney health and share recipes on the “Kidney Kitchen” portion of the organization’s website.

Spearheading a global online platform with an audience of over thirty-five thousand people, he also shares engaging videos and incredible diverse food choices. From mediterrenean herbed salmon to vegan chilli, the list of dishes is endless. His charismatic, funny and compassionate nature has attracted more than sixteen thousands followers on his Youtube channel, The Cooking Doc. His charming personality and educational approach to eating makes them stay for more!

The Cooking Doc is not just an alias, it truly is an entire wellness platform that will positively disrupt Americans’ perceptions about what makes food tasty.

More information about Dr. Blake can be found here.

About Dr. Blake Shusterman

Blake Shusterman, MD, or Dr. Blake for short as some call him, is a nephrologist (kidney doctor) practicing in Greenville SC at Carolina Nephrology. A family man and food lover, he’s also the creator of The Cooking Doc, an online cooking show and health information website dedicated to helping viewers create delicious meals and use food to manage their kidney disease.

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