Malaysia’s First Ever Ready-to-eat Meals that Save you the Hassles of Shopping and Cooking your own meals

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Sthriver’s Nood – Made from real kelp. Low carb, low calories.

Sthrive Introduces Brand New Healthy Freeze-dried Meals

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SIMPANG AMPAT, PENANG, MALAYSIA, June 25, 2021 / — Today, Sthrive introduces a brand new collection of ready-to-eat freeze-dried meals. These instant meals eliminate all the hassles of shopping for and preparing healthy meals while containing all the necessary nutritional needs for fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to eat healthy meals.

Commonly, fitness buffs always insist on making their meals themselves because of the strict dietary compliance involved in maintaining physical fitness. However, shopping for foodstuff, preparing, and cooking them takes so much time, and because of this, most people only maintain healthy cooking for a while, after which they relapse to eating junk or not-so-healthy meals.

Sthrive, a fast and instant meal company, has been at the forefront of promoting healthy feeding by producing nutritious instant meals and encouraging people to adopt healthy food subscriptions instead of stuffing themselves up with excessive carb diets rampant in the whole of Asia. Many people who hate kitchen stress say that the return on investment from making a homemade meal doesn’t always seem to be worth the time spent cooking it. Many people share this ideology; that’s why they rather eat out than take their time to cook. Sthrive has come to solve this problem by launching these collections of freeze-dried instant meals.

The new Sthrive freeze-dried meals are made from fresh, natural ingredients with no colors, fillers, or preservatives. They’re made following the strict dietary requirements for fitness and weight loss while maintaining the delicious taste of homemade meals. In only three quick steps, you can fix yourself a pack of these meals, and you’d have your yummy food ready in just five minutes.

The products include:
Sthriver’s Meal – Classic Chicken: a special yummy pack of non-spicy stir-fried chicken.
• Sthriver’s Meal – Thai Styled Chicken: a delicious citrus-flavored spicy lean chicken, garnished the unique Thai cuisine style.
• Shriver’s Meal – Hearty Beef: a savory high-protein freeze-dried beef cooked with assorted plant-based proteins and veggies.
• Sthriver’s Meal – Gingie Beef: made of juicy sizzling tender beef stir-fried the Mongolian style.
Sthriver’s Nood: Made primarily from kelp, this low cab noodles is rich in antioxidants and natural ingredients.
All trial packs cost start from RM29 per bag, apart from the Noodles, which cost RM18 per bag.

Sthriver’s instant meals are freeze-dried to maintain the fresh, natural state of the ingredients. All the products are Keto-friendly, contain high amounts of protein, low carb, and enriched with natural vitamins and minerals made from whole food.

Sthrive freeze-dried ready-to-eat meals are the first of their kind in Malaysia. They’re made by a team of professional chefs who believe that healthy living starts with healthy eating. These chefs have mastered the art of making health-centric gourmet meals in the most portable ways to make it possible for anyone to have a nutritious meal on the go.

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Sthrive is committed to providing Malaysians easy access to nutritious meals while spreading the message of healthy living through healthy diet.

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How to prepare Sthriver’s Meal & Sthriver’s Nood?

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