Amazing Care Network Webinar to Feature Dana Griffin — ELDERA, Your Wisdom: The Catalyst for a New Society

Amazing Care Network

Amazing Care Network

Eldera Senior Mentoring Program

Eldera Senior Mentoring Program

Dana Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Eldera

Dana Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Eldera

Amazing Care Network Webinar Highlights Senior Mentoring Program January 21, 2021, 1PM PST

We believe that the wisdom of our elders with decades of experience, knowledge, and love is the most valuable resource we can share with the younger generation to help them imagine a better future.”

— Dana Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Eldera

HONOLULU, HI, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 / — Amazing Care Network will feature Dana Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Learn how Eldera connects vetted members (with at least six decades of life experience) with kids for storytelling, help with schoolwork, or conversations through a global network. With the virtual help, children around the world develop resilience and soft skills seamlessly. Eldera reconnects generations through our global community where they engage in live cultural and educational events and receive resources for shared learning, growth, and connection.

“We believe that the wisdom of our elders — with decades of experience, knowledge, love, loss and common sense — is the most valuable resource we can share with the younger generation to help them imagine a better future for all,” stated Dana Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Eldera.

At Eldera, they believe that this moment doesn’t have to be the social recession we all fear. We can use this pandemic to launch a societal panacea and rebuild the fabric of the primordial village in a time when it is needed the most.

For the first time in history, technology has evolved in a way that can allow everyone to become more human again. There is the rare opportunity to re-imagine the original village structure, for the 21st century and beyond — one that relies on our elders as assets to society and their wisdom as a service to humanity. A virtual village with a real soul.

GOOD FOR KIDS: Kids learn the art of conversation, listening, collaboration and empathy skills. Most importantly, they get the undivided attention of a wise elder, access to their story , wisdom and lifelong experience. The positive effects are immediate.

Eldera is on a mission to rebuild human relationships, one-to-one and many and a time. What started as a hope to make someone’s day better at the beginning of the pandemic, grew into a community spanning 40 states and 22 countries.

GOOD FOR KIDS: Mentoring and building trusted relationships with a non-parental adult is a key form of social-emotional learning and has been proven to build resilience, collaboration, empathy and contribute to success later in life. (Harvard University – Center on The Developing Child Study)

GOOD FOR MENTORS: Mentors (at least 60 years young) draw on their lifelong wisdom, stories and knowledge to inform the next generation. At the same time, they learn how the new generation approaches life and share ideas as part of the nationwide elder council. Intergenerational connection has been proven to support long term cognitive wellbeing in older adults. (John Hopkins University – Experience Corps Study)

GOOD FOR PARENTS: Parents get an ally and don't feel guilty about the screen time because their children experience two-way educational and wholesome interactions on Eldera as they are socializing with a caring adult.

GOOD FOR SOCIETY: We help rebuild the fabric of society by rebooting the essential connections between generations.
Learn more about Eldera HERE

About Dana Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO, Eldera
Dana and her co-founders are building Eldera to become a virtual village with a real soul and to activate our elders as assets to society and their wisdom as a service to humanity. Dana is a former data and advertising executive turned Age Tech entrepreneur and AI for Good advocate. Raised by her grandparents in Transylvania and then guided by elders throughout her life, Dana authored multiple trademarks and patents focused on aging, wisdom and the impact of longevity.

She serves as the NY Director of AI Commons and as an official UN delegate to Global Pulse. She has been advising, consulting, and speaking internationally about principled uses of AI for innovation, policy, and social impact. Dana was named by AdAge as “40 under 40 changing the advertising industry." She has a C-suite background in global expansion, strategy and data, partnering with Fortune 500s, high growth startups and non-profit organizations.

A Vedic meditator and outspoken fan of interesting people and good food, Dana spends her time cooking, training in Krav Maga and exploring human wisdom.
Join us for a webinar on January 21 @ 11am HST, 1pm PST, 4pm EST.

About Amazing Care Network
Amazing Care Network is a membership organization that provides the support needed as we go through life. When one plans well and interacts with others who may be dealing with the same issues, the path is much smoother.

Cora Tellez, CEO and Founder launched Amazing Care Network, Inc. in January 2015, to focus on helping men and women redefine aging. Services offered include savings accounts geared to setting funds aside to pay for services not covered by long term care insurance or Medicare, expanding one’s network of friends and educating them on the opportunities and challenges awaiting us as we age, and a network of resources to help us, including recently retired physicians who serve as physician friends-of-the-family to help clients navigate the medical delivery system and UC San Diego’s School of Clinical Pharmacy.

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Lisa A. Holmes, Health and Wellness Lifestyle Guru Lands Cooking Show

Be Well + Live Well with Lisa

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2021 / — Lisa A. Holmes, southern California-based Health and Wellness Lifestyle Guru and Super Foodie will host a new show Be Well + Live Well With Lisa on Taste On T.V. The shows premiere schedule is pending release.

Taste On T.V., a 24-hour all cooking and lifestyle channel dedicated to highlighting the voices, culture, and food of African-Americans and people of color that showcases the marvel and splendor of culinary traditions that pleases palates across the globe on RoKu T.V. Since launching on September 4, 2020, it’s already been well received with more than 1 million views and 3 million impressions.

Lisa A. Holmes is a best-selling Author and Media Contributor for Money Magazine,Fast Company, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and others. Holmes is CEO of Honey + Company, a health and wellness lifestyle company that showcases artisan and fair trade beauty, electronics, food, home decor and wellness products and services.

While coaching others to be successful for more than 20 years, she silently struggled with a medical condition which resulted in gaining 100 lbs. A pivotal moment led to her conquering the disease, losing the weight and regaining back her life.

Now, viewers can share in her journey to Be Well + Live Well. She’ll inspire and introduce audiences to a variety of tasty dishes, unique products and adventures that will activate you to live as your best self.

For advertising and corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact

Lisa Holmes
Honey + Company
+1 310-919-3194
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Rachel Brownstein Gives Up Meat On Christmas Day, and Launches Own Vegan Cooking Channel

Rachel Brownstein

Auntie Rachel’s Chaotic Kitchen

I keep it very playful and I show all my mistakes. I don’t practice anything so people are watching me experiment and seeing the genuine results.”

— Rachel Brownstein

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, January 14, 2021 / — Now a relatable and creative cook with her own vegan YouTube channel, Rachel Brownstein had her last hurrah with meat on Christmas Day in 2017. While she was once a committed carnivore – who, admittedly, does still miss meat at times – as a conscientious person with concerns over animal welfare, she got to a point where she would feel guilty after eating bacon sandwiches – and knew she had to stop. Her videos are playful, and she doesn’t pretend to be perfect; she makes mistakes when she’s cooking, and wants people to know that that’s all part of the process. Her hope is that her videos will inspire people who are curious about eating more plant-based meals, and she can offer hints and tips for those thinking of going vegan.

Her channel, Auntie Rachel’s Chaotic Kitchen, was born out of a need to keep herself motivated when coronavirus restrictions impacted her work as a public speaker. She started it up back in October, and has already posted a wide range of videos that chronicle her warts-and-all cooking adventures. From delicious biscuits to homemade vegan deli meat, she doesn’t shy away from difficult recipes. But, as therapeutic as the channel has been for her, it has not been without its challenges. Rachel has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a chronic pain disorder that affects her joints, which the physicality of cooking and filming often exacerbates.

She doesn’t let that stop her, though. Particularly with Veganuary just around the corner, she is hoping that her videos will ignite a passion for plant-based food in her viewers. She explains that: “I keep it very playful and I show all my mistakes. I don’t practice anything so people are watching me experiment and seeing the genuine results.” And that’s exactly what makes her videos so fun and, most of all, motivating. She shares her disasters as well as her successes, to let people know that if she can do it, they can too.

To find out more about Rachel and her work, visit To check out her cooking videos, go to

Rachel Brownstein
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Auntie Rachel’s Chaotic Kitchen

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Lumiere International Pageantry Pte Ltd – Singapore Raise 226 Cooking Stoves for Johor Flood

Malaysia Johor Flood


SINGAPORE, January 13, 2021 / — The Winter Monsoon’s heavy rains in Malaysia this year has dehomed at least 20,000 evacuees in the states of Johor, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, and Terengganu. With the confirmation of at least 3 deaths in Johor and a serious pandemic floating around, the survivors are in dire need of help. The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) is raising money to buy stove to help the affected flood victims in Johor. The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC), one of the country’s largest voluntary and humanitarian service organizations, is where the spirit of “muhibbah” and unity comes alive when there is a natural calamity or disaster. Every time the call for help is sounded, MRC volunteers without fail would respond to render aid to those in need irrespective of race, creed or social status. This is especially evident during the seasonal annual floods when MRC staff and volunteers are often the first at the scene to render all necessary assistance to those affected.

In respond to this situation Lumiere International Pageantry Pte Ltd – Singapore lead by by Ms. Tan Quek Justina SB raised 226 cooking stoves for Johor Flood in just one day. These items will be given to residents in Johor who have lost everything during this flood.

The following are names that contributed to the stoves
1) Josselyn Chew , Humble Family 10 stoves
2 Lina Yap 1 stove
3) Yani Bakhtiar 1 stove
4) Sherry 1 stove
5) Tabung infaq 2 stoves
6) Kim pei ling 1 stove
7) Lee shi chi 1 stove
8) Sue Rahman 1 stove
9) Telaga7Salon 1 stove
10) Puan Hajah Saayah 7 stoves
11) lumiere international 5 stoves
12)Khomahla waney 2 stoves
13) Gurdev Kaur 3 stoves
14) Sandeep Singh 2 stoves
15) Luxe Interior Design 5 stoves
16) Poonam Sharma 1 stove
17) Anne Sharma 1 stove
18) Amin Ali 5 stoves
19) Menaka Sinnaia 6 stoves
20) Inner wheel club of Selangor 10 stoves
21) Faridah Shyleena Hope 8 stoves
22) Premi Subramanium 2 stoves
23) Lyn Misdar with my mum mona 8 stoves
24) Jenny R.Lackhmanan @ Lady J 1 Stove
25) Winnie Lim 1 stove
26) Eileen Tan 1 stove
27) Dr Elisse Lim 1 stove
28) Buweneswary Balakrisnan 1 stove
29) Sangeetha Vello 1 stove
30) lily 2 stoves
31) Subhashini Rama Linggam 3 stoves
32) Vishnu 2 stoves.
33) JAGATHIS 1 stove.
34 )Bryan Pillai 2 stoves
35) Vijay 2 Stoves
36) Karthiyani A/P Narayanamy 1 stove
37) Dato’ Seri Gopi 35 stoves
38) Wentty – 1 stove
39) Cecilia Chong – 3 stoves
40) Rowena Naidu – 2 stoves
41)Olivia Lee – 1 stove
42) Anonymous 60 stoves
43) Envichem Consults Sdn Bhd 10 stoves
44) Fanelle Chua 5 stoves
45) Michelle Lim 1 stove.
46) Trixie Liao 2 stoves.
47) Vienna Mok 2 stoves
48) Angeline Oh 1 stove

Lumiere International Pte Ltd, a Singapore Owned Company Initual by CEO & Founder Lumiere International Pageantry Ms. Tan Quek Justina SB..

Justina Quek
+65 9745 1072
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Qina launches the first curated platform of Personalised nutrition solutions to navigate the industry with ease

The B2B platform aims to close the gap between industry and front line practitioners to ensure the integration of digital tools that promote health for all.

OLHAO, PORTUGAL, January 12, 2021 / — Qina is the first company to launch a platform that makes it easy to navigate personalised nutrition solutions at the height of consumer interest in health & nutrition.

Qina, a niche consultancy and platform in Personalised nutrition based in Europe, announces the launch of the first comprehensive and curated B2B platform of personalised nutrition solutions targeted at businesses and frontline healthcare practitioners.

“Personalised nutrition is a rapidly growing industry that has been pushed into the spotlight during this COVID pandemic as a result of many consumers looking to nutrition and food to prevent, manage and treat their health concerns”, said CEO & Founder Mariette Abrahams

According to a recent Innova report, Personalised nutrition is one of the key trends for 2021 with 64% of global consumers reporting that they have found more ways to tailor their life and the products they buy to their individual style, beliefs and needs.

“Practitioners are looking for evidence-based solutions to help their clients and patients adopt healthier habits and prevent the onset of disease. However, with a sea of new solutions, it can be difficult to find them easily and, stay on top of new releases in the market. We want to bridge that gap between industry and frontline healthcare practitioners” said Abrahams.

“With such a rapid growth and interest in health, personalised nutrition has become everybody’s businesses from food manufacturers and retailers, to digital health startups and health practitioners across different areas. It is a trend that is here to stay, and all stakeholders will need to keep pace. But it does not need to be complicated.

From finding solutions that provide dietary advice based on preferences, to shopping for products that best match their personal profiles, to finding recipes, improving cooking skills, home testing kits and more, practitioners can take a consumer-centric approach to selecting the right solutions for the right clients based on their needs and goals without having to do hours of online research."

“The Qina platform is the first step in reducing barriers, overwhelm and confusion by making it easy to navigate the industry through clear segmentation, tagging and scoring. Personalised nutrition should not stay niche, there are already tools that can help individuals make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. We want to increase transparency and access, to make sure that practitioners know about them. At the same time, businesses can stay updated on developments within a segment and potentially find new partners” says Mariette Abrahams

“A platform such as ours is needed right now, at a time when health is top of mind around the globe, and the awareness around health disparities is high. We are thrilled to be the first to create and launch such a platform and database, but of course this is only the first step. We have many ideas to build on, but we want to make sure that we move at the pace of the science and listen to customer needs.”

The Qina platform is available via a subscription-based model.

About Qina
Qina was launched in 2019 as a consultancy providing domain expertise, strategy and project services. Based in Portugal, Europe, Qina adopts a networked business model through an ecosystem of handpicked independent consultants. Qina has been active in the Personalised nutrition industry through speaking, writing and consulting.
For more information or for a demo, visit

Mariette Abrahams
+351 289 702 160
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Adam Seger Breaks the Fresh Truffle Paradigm – Makes a Restaurant Luxury Affordable

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 / — There is a silver lining to this cold, sleety, windy, rainy, pandemic weekend – FRESH Truffles at their lowest price in Decades.

LUSH is selling WHOLE Fresh Extra Class Winter Black Perigord Truffles. Extra Class is the TOP 10% of production and the grade used by Michelin Starred Restaurants around the world. The pandemic has brought the fresh truffle purchase power of the international fine dining scene to a grinding halt. As such, we have NEVER seen truffle prices like this in our lifetime and we are sharing these extraordinary affordable luxuries with you.

These decadently fragrant, highly perishable, enchanting truffles are meant to be enjoyed upon purchase when their aromatics are peaking, making the hot, savory foods they accompany explode with flavor, the savory world’s version of a luscious peach dripping from your lips. We are working with ‘TRUFFLE BOY’ Ian Purkayastha’s Regalis Chicago team to bring fresh truffles to you over the next few week’s of the season’s peak.

Please note a small cut on each truffle. This is an international quality standard cut made upon individual inspection to assure marbling and Perigord cultivar authenticity before leaving Europe. It is the perfect starting point for shaving your truffle with a microplane, parmesan grater, Japanese mandoline or truffle shaver

The key is to keep your truffle nestled in and tightly sealed with the imported Italian Arborio Rice in which we hand packed your truffle and then remove to shave on your hot, savory food just before you eat. Then return the rest of your truffle to its Arborio Rice (which will make beautiful Risotto later). It is best to enjoy the rest of your truffle as soon as possible, such as shaved on scrambled Yuppie Hill Farm eggs the next day.

According to Adam Seger of LUSH, the company couldn’t be more excited to add a taste of cheer to the 2020 Christmas season by providing the masses with these one-of-a-kind, decadent truffles: "We have taken this unprecedented time and brought what’s normally limited accessible luxury to be affordable to so many people."

Winter Black Extra Class – top 10% of Fresh Black Perigord Truffles – Grade used by Michelin Starred Restaurants Worldwide. Hand packed in Italian Arborio Rice, LUSH is offering:

20g/.7oz $48

25g/.9oz $60

28g/1oz $69

35g/1.2oz $85


Truffled Coq Au Vin To Go!

Our newest entrée, COQ AU VIN ‘Grand-mère’

Half a Chicken slowly braised in red wine with carrots, pearl onions, baby portobello mushrooms, fresh thyme, bay leaf, butter and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg. Accompanied by brown butter mashed Kennebec Potatoes and a sauce worthy of licking your plate clean.

This is available to go, curbside or prepared and refrigerated for you to heat and enjoy at home at your leisure as ‘LUSH out of your oven’.


Add shaved Extra Class Winter Black Perigord Truffles (Evanston kitchen only) for $3 per gram. We recommend 7-10 grams per entrée.
Truffle-Palooza Cooking Kits

Truffle Indulgence Kit $50 includes:
• Curated Recipes + notes on Care of your Truffle
• 100ml Regalis Organic Black Truffle Oil
• 6oz Hand Pulled Fresh Tagliatelle
• Bellwether Farms Fresh Ricotta
• 4oz Shaved 24 Month Parmigiano Reggiano
• Italian Herb Salt-Tellicherry Peppercorn Blend

Pro Truffle Cooking Kit $79
• Curated Recipes + notes on Care of your Truffle
• 100ml Regalis Organic Black Truffle Oil
• 6oz Hand Pulled Fresh Tagliatelle
• Italian Arborio Rice
• 4oz Organic Amish Butter
• 1 Dozen Golden Yolked Yuppie Hill Eggs
• 4oz Shaved 24 Month Parmigiano Reggiano
• Quarter HEWN French Country Loaf
• Bellwether Farms Fresh Ricotta
• 2 Dozen Wild Burgundy Escargot
• Garlic Herb Butter for your snails
• Italian Herb Salt-Tellicherry Peppercorn Blend

Adam Seger
LUSH Wine and Spirits
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Jacked Foods & Trees For The Future Fight Deforestation

tree before planting

tree before planting

jacked foods logo

Jacked Foods Logo

jacked foods owners in uganda

Jacked Foods Owners In Uganda

Jacked Foods and tree planting initiative, Trees For The Future, combine to fight deforestation in East Africa. They have planted over 10,000 trees together.

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 11, 2021 / — Two companies continue to combine, playing their part in combating the devastating effects of deforestation. Dried fruit providers Jacked Foods and tree planting initiative Trees For The Future have developed a partnership that is having an environmental impact, with the objective being to reverse deforestation.

Since its inception in 2018, Jacked Foods has made taking care of the environment a major goal, alongside their other main purpose of bringing unique dried fruit snacks to market. Their eco-friendly drive has seen them partner with an initiative that has been going for over 30 years, Trees For The Future. It is an initiative that has had a distinct impact in areas that have been affected by deforestation.

For every pouch of dried or dehydrated fruit that Jacked Foods sells – whether it is their dried jackfruit, dried jackfruit with ginger & lemon, dried banana, or dried banana chips with cocoa – the company funds the planting of a tree in the East Africa region. Whilst Jacked Foods funds the planting of the tree, the Trees For The Future initiative sees that the tree is planted.

To date, the partnership between Jacked Foods and Trees For The Future has yielded the planting of more than 10,000 trees in the region of Eastern Africa. The number of trees that Jacked Foods fund the planting of is set to grow each month, especially after the announcement of their all new product range – including dried mango and dried pineapple products – soon to be available on shelves and online.

Jacked Foods focus their efforts on East Africa after its owners witnessed first hand the devastating effects of deforestation throughout a volunteering trip in 2018. Incidentally, it was during this trip that the owners first tried jackfruit and saw the opportunity to share dried jackfruit snacks with those back home in the UK.

Recalling the moment he came across the issue of deforestation, Jacked Foods co-founder, Josh Clarke, stated: “In rural areas outside of Jinja and Kampala, we witnessed first-hand whole forests that had been lost, often for fuel for cooking.”

Almost three years later, Jacked Foods is not only starting to make an impact on reversing deforestation but is becoming a recognised name in the dried fruit category. Their commitment to planting a tree every time a pouch is sold is as strong today as it was when the company was first created.

Reversing deforestation in countries such as Tanzania and Uganda will help to prevent a host of issues for indigenous people and will aid in helping to preserve the environmental and atmospheric landscape of their homeland. The planting of trees also helps to protect and bring nutrients back to the soil, thereby enabling locals to grow a range of fruit and vegetables, like the fruit found in Jacked Foods’ products.

In partnership with what3words, Jacked Foods has also recently set out to produce a completely traceable supply chain. Customers will be able to find a three-word address on the back of each pack and enter it on Jacked Foods’ website, to see exactly where the dried fruit that they’re eating was grown and the journey it has been on to reach them. There will be a page on the Jacked Foods website dedicated to displaying the supply chain journey.

This transparency in the supply chain ties in with Jacked Foods’ promise to keep planting trees in the region that they source their fruit from. The supply chain journey feature will be available to customers in early 2021, upon the release of Jacked Foods’ new product range launch.

Josh Clarke
Jacked Foods
+44 7756 013593
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Randy Risner Discusses Best French Wine & Cuisine

French Wine and Cuisine

French Wine and Cuisine

Selecting French Wine and Cuisine for Special Occasions

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA, UNITES STATES , January 7, 2021 / — Randy Risner is a well-known legal practitioner in California and recently discussed his affinity for French wine and cuisine. In particular, he noted standout wines and dishes ideal for special occasions with friends, colleagues, or love ones.

In Randy Risner’s discussion, he noted Burgundy as an optimal choice. This dry red wine is made in the Burgundy region of eastern France and is derived from the pinot noir grape. Famous labels from this region include Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Henri Jayer, and Domaine Armand Rousseau. In addition to red burgundies, whites such as Chardonnay are also produced in this region.

Bordeaux is another high-quality type of wine that is produced in the Bordeaux region in southwest France. This is the largest wine-growing area in France, and it’s home to impressive labels renowned the world over. The majority of the wines produced in this region are red, and the grapes utilized range from malbecs and merlots to cabernet sauvignon. Randy Risner noted the top wines from this region are worth exploring.

French cuisine is eclectic and has been influenced over the centuries by surrounding nations such as Italy and Spain. Among the most well-known dishes from France include bisques, Foie Gras, and a variety of pastries. Macarons, eclairs, and mille-feuille are favorites of people around the globe. Randy Risner notes these items as essential to understanding the elegance and sophistication of French cooking. It’s important to experience these dishes in an authentic restaurant, or by cooking using high-quality ingredients to get the full culinary experience.

French desserts are also of note and are among the best in the world, according to Randy Risner. Crème Brulee, crepes, and mousse au Chocolat are classic French desserts. These dishes are ideal for dinner parties or for special gatherings of friends and family. They are elegant and fun, especially when following a full French meal complete with wine. Selecting the right flavors and presentation are customizable to the occasion.

Randy Risner has more than 25-years of experience representing Californian agencies and cities in a variety of legal matters. He has a proven track record of success collaborating with stakeholders at all levels of organizations. High ethical standards and an ability to handle high-pressure situations have earned him an impeccable professional reputation.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Zoom Marketplace Now Features Rewards App Powered By LoyaltyMatch

Loyalty Platform Enables Rewarding of Zoom Meetings and Webinars Attendees

We’re pleased to be the first and only loyalty rewards app of this kind in the Zoom Marketplace.”

— Brad Ball, LoyaltyMatch Inc. president and ceo

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 7, 2021 / — LoyaltyMatch Inc., the cloud-based loyalty rewards management and analytics company, has launched the first loyalty rewards app on the Zoom Marketplace that will enable companies and organizations of all sizes to reward fans who attend virtual events, meetings and webinars presented on Zoom. (

Whether it’s training, education, music, comedy, yoga, exercising, cooking, or anything else, the integration of Zoom and LoyaltyMatch means event attendees are rewarded and the data they provide can be easily viewed, managed and analyzed. The app offers unique features, powerful customization, simple integrations, and the best possible end-user experience, all which can be deployed quickly. Events numbering from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of attendees are supported.

“We’re pleased to be the first and only loyalty rewards app of this kind in the Zoom Marketplace. It is the easiest, most cost-effective path to the development and delivery of a loyalty program that rewards attendees of events. Thanks to our cloud model, a program can be deployed quickly,” said Brad Ball, LoyaltyMatch Inc., president and ceo.

Additional features include:
Integrated with Zoom and onZoom ticketing — Fans purchasing live event tickets rewarded for purchase, attendance, chatting during events and sharing screen with a friend.

Entertainment Venues – Integrated with online, in store, or in venue ticket purchases. Ticketmaster, Etix, Eventbrite and others ticketing integration supported.

Enterprise Integration — SAP, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Salesforce, Adobe, POS and many other systems.

Social Loyalty – Reward members for interacting with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

Referral Marketing – Members can be rewarded when they refer a friend.

Gamification – Motivate your loyal customers and fans to keep them interested in the program and what you offer by providing digital rewards, badges and kudos.

About LoyaltyMatch Inc.
LoyaltyMatch Inc. is a privately held loyalty and engagement-computing company that provides a cloud-based loyalty management and analytics platform with enhanced data collection and analysis capabilities. It is the leading loyalty program platform for entertainment venues and special and online events, offering the fastest path to the development and delivery of loyalty and engagement initiatives. LoyaltyMatch Inc. is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. For more information visit

Bill Warelis
LoyaltyMatch Inc.
+1 866-356-7187 ext. 702
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Europe Basmati Rice Market Trends, Business Strategies And Opportunities With Key Players Analysis

Europe Basmati Rice Market

Europe Basmati Rice Market

Rapid growth in basmati rice demand in Germany and Poland drives the market growth.

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2021 / — According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, Europe Basmati Rice Market by Type and Application: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2017-2023,the Europe basmati rice market was valued at $491 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $615 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 3.2% from 2017 to 2023. In 2016, the Indian variety type segment accounted for more than half share of the total market.

Basmati rice is specifically recognized for its unique aroma, distinctive cooking properties, and two to three times more expensive than other long grain rice. It is slender & extra-long grain, which gets longer at least twice of its original size upon cooking. Basmati rice is distinctive among other aromatic long grain varieties of rice, which possess superior aroma, delicious taste, and distinct flavor. It is highly utilized as a part of Indian and Pakistan cuisines and is also used in Persian, Arab, and Middle East cuisine.

Download PDF Sample Report:

The demand for specialty rice, such as Basmati rice, is rapidly growing in Europe with the increase in rice consumption. Iran was the leading importer of Indian basmati rice; however, recently in 2016, Iran has imposed a ban and price cap on the import, owing to which Indian exporters are focusing on other markets. It provides price benefits to several European countries to boost the basmati rice market in Europe.

The Indian variety is the leading type segment in Europe basmati rice market. India is the chief producer and exporter of basmati rice, which accounts for around 70% of the global basmati rice production. The Indian varieties of basmati rice that are approved for export to Europe are Basmati 370, Taraori Basmati, Basmati 386, Basmati 217, Pusa Basmati, Ranbir Basmati, and Super Basmati.

For Purchase Enquiry:

In 2016, UK dominated the market, with more than one-third share, in terms of both revenue and volume.
Russia is estimated to grow at the highest CAGR of 6.7% from 2017 to 2023, in terms of revenue.
The Indian variety type segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR of 3.3%, in terms of revenue.
In 2016, the commercial application segment dominated the market, with more than two-thirds share, in terms of both revenue and volume.
The home application segment is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR of 3.5%.
In 2016, UK witnessed the highest demand for basmati rice, as it is the leading importer of this rice from India and Pakistan. Moreover, the price of this rice is expected to decrease in UK, owing to the recent ban on basmati rice from Iran. The Netherlands is the second leading country, accounting for one-seventh share in Europe basmati rice market.

Get detailed COVID-19 impact analysis on the Europe Basmati Rice Market @

The key companies profiled in the report include Amira Basmati Rice, HBI, Estraco, East End Foods, TBA Suntra, S.G.S. International Rice Company, Amira Nature Foods, VSR Rice, The Rice n Spice International Ltd., and Kohinoor Foods.

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About Allied Market Research:

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of “Market Research Reports” and “Business Intelligence Solutions.” AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domains. AMR offers its services across 11 industry verticals including Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Materials & Chemicals, Construction & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Energy & Power, Semiconductor & Electronics, Automotive & Transportation, ICT & Media, Aerospace & Defense, and BFSI.

We are in professional corporate relations with various companies and this helps us in digging out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms utmost accuracy in our market forecasting. Each and every data presented in the reports published by us is extracted through primary interviews with top officials from leading companies of domain concerned. Our secondary data procurement methodology includes deep online and offline research and discussion with knowledgeable professionals and analysts in the industry.

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